Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for debugging tools

Ruby tools to help with debugging certificates for SSL connections

semipersistent debugging tool

Another ruby/rails bloat and memory leak debugging tool.

Familiarize yourself with common Ruby idioms and debugging tools

State change & method call logger. A debugging tool for instance variables and method calls.

A tool to detect and declare dependencies, and help with debugging.

A Ruby IRB / Debuging Tool for Listing Methods on an Object by their Source Module / Class

drawrect is a CLI debugging OS X tool that draws NS/CGRects on screen

Debugging and tracing tool for Ruby

Debugging, tracing and workflow management tools for Trailblazer developers.

A debugging tool that lets you log method usage.

Nice collection of some useful debugging tools.

Tools for puts-style debugging and profiling Ruby on Rails projects

This is selenium debugging tool like a pry debug

iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS Debugging Tool, Logging console via Network.

toolchain and download debug tool for GPRS module

Tools and scripts for MIQ/CFME performance, analysis, automation, and debugging

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) wrapper using Android SDK Tools Library with Rjb

Tools and monitoring scripts for Nexpose

Dead simple tool for visual debugging of fragment cache

A small tool to help you debug JSON files

Debugger tool for the Multimodal Interaction Framework

Installs advanced Windows debugging tools like ntsd, kd, etc.

A tool for analyzing and debugging intermittent cucumber failures

Homebrew formulae of Debugging tool for MSP430 MCUs

Debugging tool to print resource collection and immediate/delayed notifications in a pretty format.

Tool for parsing of logs collected by sosreport and foreman-debug

A set of tools for doing crazy debugging things in Ruby

Debugging tools for Puppet services

ARMv8a debugging helper tools

Some scripts used for debugging/testing staekka