Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for decorators

Decorators/View-Models for Rails Applications

ORM agnostic truly Object-Oriented view helper for Rails 4, 5, and 6

Python's method decorators for Ruby

Decorators on top of your ORM layer.

Ruby method decorators inspired by Python.

use decent_exposure with decorators

Drape – Reincarnation of Draper for Rails 5

Light pattern Decorator for Rails from Light Ruby

Ultra-lightweight decorator for Rails models

A simple wrapper for objects (think of Burgundy as a decorator/presenter) in less than 150 lines.

An implementation of pythonish decorators in Ruby

A simple presenter/facade/decorator/whatever implementation.

Manages the process of loading decorators into your Rails application.

Extend Rails Engine’s business logic (models, controllers, helpers, etc.) easily from your application or other engine....

State change & method call logger. A debugging tool for instance variables and method calls.

Simplifies extending (decorating) classes in Rails applications

Provides an easy to use and transparent system for implementing the Decorator Pattern

A simple decorator for Rails

Rails::Decorators provides a clean, familiar API for decorating the behavior of a Rails engine.

A pure implementation of the decorator pattern

A simple Ruby decorator to make your objects thread-safe

Decorators for Padrino Applications

Yet another implementation of Python decorators in ruby

A simple, framework-agnostic implementation of the decorator pattern, inspired by Avdi Grimms implementation in ObjectsOnRails...

Adds simple cancan features to your decorators

Tasteful decorators for Ruby.

Decorators for Sinatra Applications

Provides a mixin and decorator to add a `Hash#fetch` like interface to any object.

A template to build large scale web applications in Ruby On Rails. Focus on extending, performance and best practices...

Apply Draper Decorators to SimpleForms

Active Admin with ability to use Plain Old Ruby Object's decorators

Use decorators on Ruby methods!

Ruby decorator to throttle object method calls