Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for devops tools

Linting tool for CloudFormation templates

Bolt is an open source orchestration tool that automates the manual work it takes to maintain your infrastructure on an as-needed basis or as part of a greater orc...

The only tool you need to generate puppet code, tests, modules, facts, types, providers, data and everything else....

pocketknife is a devops tool for managing computers running chef-solo, powered by Opscode Chef.

Quickly set up a Ruby on Rails app on Nanobox, the ideal platform for developers. With Nanobox, Rails app developers can set up instant, isolated development envir...

A devops configuration management tool that responds to events, with a chef-like dsl.

Chef repository for pentesting tools

Tools for managing a cloud deployment in AWS with state held in AWS

A Big Data Analytics VM for doing Data Science. It provides a huge kickstart to those working with the Big Data Analytics side of Data Science. Essentially, this...

A tool for managing cloud API and configuration management credentials. rbenv for dotfiles.

Example code for the "The toolstack for DevOps Engineers" for

Docker image with Diffy: A tool to test services without writing tests.

A DevOps tools for speed scripting and distributed execution.

One stop shop for status of all your DevOps tools

LiveRamp Kubernetes Build/Release Tools

Experiment on small devops tools on docker, etcd, confd and others.

Sample WebSphere Liberty integrated with an open source DevOps tool chain

Automatic code review tool to detect bugs, code smells and vulnerability issues. Easy to integrate with DevOps toolchains. IDE extension for real-time code quality...

A repository with all exercises for building a simple Automated Delivery Pipeline using DevOps Tool-chain...

Common Foundation for DevOps Tools

DevOps News, Jobs, Tutorials and Tools

Homebrew Tap for PingIdentity DevOps tools

Collection of dev ops tools I've built out for personal use.

This is a repository to save my files.

a iOS devops command line tool

A lightweight script and log management tool for DevOps

Notes for setting up, integrating and using a number of popular DevOps tools.

Set of tools used for workshop titled *The Quality Guardians in DevOps culture*.

Merge open PRs together to create a new branch with all changes

Tools to support DevOps lessons

A DevOps tool for NewMedia! Denver

Convenience tool for updating dependencies in Azure DevOps repositories using

Standard Auditing Tools for DevSecOps best practices

This is a collection of dev-ops tools.

A tool for managing cloud API and configuration management credentials. rbenv for dotfiles.

Generate program for DevopsDays website from Google spreadsheet

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