Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for diff

A simple UI for browsing and inspecting diffs, and an API for runner scripts to submit screenshots to and receive a pass or fail in real time. (For use with Wraith...

Git hook to automagically render .PSD files to images, allowing you to visually diff changes.

A simple gem for generating string diffs

The missing Ruby method to print out time difference (duration) in year, month, week, day, hour, minute, and second....

Perceptual diffs of responsive screenshots made simple.

Generate difference sets between Ruby sequences.

Compile Puppet catalogs from 2 branches, versions, etc., and compare them

A diff library that uses html tags to show differences

Utility for comparing two Swagger specifications.

UI testing/screenshot diffing tool

Word Diff empowers you to be a Markdown person in a Microsoft Word world by automatically converting any Word document committed to a GitHub repo to Markdown...

Gem which calculates the difference between two times

A more helpful way to view differences between complex data structures in RSpec.

Ruby gem designed to run benchmark code before and after a patch

Calculate the differences between two XML/HTML documents.

A Ruby library for diffing GeoJSON files

[UNMAINTAINED] Simple ActiveRecord diff functionality

A diff based testing framework for Jekyll and other static sites.

PrettyDiff is a highly customizable library for creating fully featured HTML listings out of unified diff format strings. Include copy/paste-safe line numbers and...

Bundler Diff show changes with GitHub compare view urls

Compute the difference between two JSON-serializable Ruby objects.

A library to provide calculations between Chef diffs.

Recursive diff, merge, and unmerge for hashes and arrays.

A plugin for Chef::Knife which will diff the cookbook versions of two or more environments.

Google Translate API wrapper translates only changes between revisions of big texts

Create GitHub's compare view URLs for pull request from diff of Gemfile.lock (and post comment to pull request)....

Provides history, diffs, and dev-only drafts to Radiant CMS

Bundler plugin for showing diffs of bundled gems against latest versions

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