Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for ebook

Better twitterbots for all your friends~

A free open source platform for selling digital downloads such as ebooks

Test-Driven Development - Extensive Tutorial. Open Source ebook

Using Jekyll to create outputs that can be used as Pandoc inputs. In short - input markdown, output mobi, epub, pdf, and print-ready pdf. With a focus on fiction....

:blue_book: Asciidoctor EPUB3 is a set of Asciidoctor extensions for converting AsciiDoc to EPUB3 & KF8/MOBI...

Example of a full twitter_ebooks bot definition

eBook: Programming Pearls Rewritten in Ruby

A worker script for making a _ebooks version of your twitter account

Kindle periodical format ebook generation tool

Create an eBook (epub) of your Jekyll blog

Create, collaborate and publish ebooks easily.

Toolchain for converting LaTeX Book documents to ebook formats

The Rulers framework from the Rebuilding Rails ebook - caution, will occasionally require a "git pull -f" due to rebase...

Learn Ruby Regexp step by step from beginner to advanced levels with plenty of examples and exercises...

A Ruby script/gem to create EPUB books from Jekyll posts and pages using Pandoc

examples based tutorial for Ruby scripting

A collection of Makefiles and scripts for generating formatted eBooks.

An ebook reader written in Rails.

Ephemera, two-way sync for your ebook reader. It's looking for a new maintainer, see the README....

A simple JRuby script to check for full-text access to e-resource titles. Plain old URL/link checking won't alert you if one of your ebook links points to a valid...

:horse: your very own horse_ebooks

Rename multiple ebooks (pdf, epub, mobi) based on embedded meta-data.

Kindle mobi format ebook generator

This is the example best_quotes application from Rebuilding Rails' ebook. Caution, will occasionally require "git pull -f" due to rebase....

Produces an eBook from man pages


make ebooks from markdown files

A script enabling users to parse an HTML file and publish it on in any ebooks format

Guard::GitScribe automatically rebuilds your git-scribe ebooks

Code repository for the Rubyist Historian ebook project.

Log Management with Graylog, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Nginx, Fluentd and Docker

Converts LessWrong blog posts and sequences into ebook format.

"more than just a simple ebooks bot." - @mralext20

a book compiliation system to create the book repository and generate the ebooks in pdf, epub, html etc...

(进行中)《开发者体验:探索与重塑》电子书。book of research and refactoring in developer experience (WIP)