Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for error handling

💥 Gaffe handles Rails error pages in a clean, simple way.

A simple plugin to handle, log, and customize production errors in Rails applications

Graceful handling for ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique to turn exceptions into ActiveRecord errors

Error Handling in Rails - The Modular Way

Condition system for handling errors in Ruby

Gracefully handles MySQL unique and foreign key violations by adding an error to the ActiveRecord object...

Offical ruby client for the XING-API, providing easy access to all API endpoints and simplifies response parsing, error handling and tries to ease the oauth pain....

A framework of Web API Client. Provides features error handling, retrying, pagination and so on.

Make external requests in you service objects, with easy logging and error handling!

A gem that helps you easily handle exceptions in your Rails API and return informative responses to the client....

One-method downloading, with error handling and friendly messages

RescueRegistry improves error handling with Rails while still hewing as close to the defaults as possible....

Rails Form Builder based on the Pragmatic Programmers' Error Handling Form Builder

Execution primitives that force explicit error handling and never call the shell.

A Rails exception handling gem, including sending emails, rendering error pages...inspired by but distinct from exception_notification. Spun off from some work at...

Form helper methods that use the Dictionary List HTML. Includes convenient error handling.

Responds status and error handling for Rails.

A plugin that handles form errors a more gracefully than the Rails default

Make your services running step-by-step with error handling, logging and easy testing.

An easy way to handle stale object errors in Rails by retrying the entire request.

Try, Maybe to handle error in Ruby.

Rails engine that is all about handling and responding to QBO API errors.

The inner core of Rocket Pants 2.0 - Error handling primarily.

Final project for MI-RUB course CTU Prague. Simple HTML parser and basic well-formated error handling made with ANTLR (ANTLR4Ruby)....

Easy error handling for Rails applications

A rails engine for automatic exception handling (and an interface to view them). Early stages still!

Framework Agnostic gem to handle JSON API errors

A Rails API backend with Cloudinary integration for an elegant photo sharing app. Features token-based authentication, RSpec tests, custom error handling and an ac...

A functional approach to error handling. Inspired by Elixir with statement.

Simple page that will throw an error. For testing how your site handles errors.

SimplyMessages is a Rails plugin providing a unified flash notices and model error messages handling

A library for writing business logic in ruby that powers the IBM Cloud Databases API. It handles things like validation, type coercion, and error handling....