Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for file upload

Classier solution for file uploads for Rails, Sinatra and other Ruby web frameworks

Ruby file uploads, take 3

Upload files to Slack chat from the command-line.

Boxroom is a Rails application that aims to be a simple interface for managing and sharing files in a web browser. It lets users create folders and upload, downloa...

NOTE! THIS REPO HAS BEEN MOVED. SEE THE README. Remotipart is a Ruby on Rails gem enabling remote multipart forms (AJAX style file uploads) with jQuery....

Upload files encoded as base64 strings directly to carrierwave

Yet another approach to file upload

Resumable and reliable file uploads of any size. Nginx extension written in Lua.

simple_form custom inputs to get image/link previews with file uploads.

An example rails application that uses the jquery-fileupload-rails and paperclip gems to upload files....

[DEAD AND UNMAINTAINED] MongoMapper and GridFS joined in file upload love.

An example of HTML5-powered Ajax file uploads

Rails plugin which provides a form helper to upload files directly to Amazon's S3 using an HTTP POST...

Rack middleware to handle raw file uploads

Allows file upload using FTP for CarrierWave uploaders.

A Spree extension to allow users to batch upload Products from a CSV file using Delayed Job

Script to upload files to non-repo storage from the command line

Rails file upload implementation with jQuery-File-Upload

Rails plugin to make ajax file uploads Just Work.

Ajax File Upload in Rails using Dropzone + Carrierwave Demo

This is the accompanying repository for the blog post at

An extension for Radiant CMS to support file uploads modeled as attachments to pages.

AngularJS File Upload is a module for the AngularJS framework.

A basic application that uses paperclip and rails 3

fastlane plugin to upload files to Google Drive

Add file "upload" from a URL instead of local file, for the Paperclip Rails plugin

A plugin to upload a file to your own server, and other parameters using multipart/form request

Secure your Carrierwave file uploads/uploaded files by Encryption and Decryption using Openssl AES and OpenSSL::PKCS5...

Scripts and Fastlane tasks for uploading dSYM files to Bugsnag

An example app showcasing some features of the Ruby file upload library CarrierWave (