Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for form builder

A Rails form builder plugin with semantically rich and accessible markup.

Official repository of the bootstrap_form gem, a Rails form builder that makes it super easy to create beautiful-looking forms using Bootstrap 4...

Formtastic form builder to generate Twitter Bootstrap-friendly markup.

A custom builder (and some helper methods) for creating consistent and accessible forms in rails

Block helpers for Rails views, similar to form builders but for general case.

Form builder for Ruby. Fast, Furious, and Framework-Agnostic.

A custom Rails form builder for Vue.js

Rails form builder for Bootstrap 4 markup that actually works!

Rails plugin: a custom, template-based form builder.

Dead simple HTML form field builder for Ruby with built-in support for many popular UI libraries such as Bootstrap...

[Deprecated] A form builder that generates semantic HTML as advocated by Andy Budd in CSS Mastery.

A full-featured form builder for Rails.

Rails FormBuilder for use with ZURB Foundation.

Form builder for Rails based on Khoi Vinh's Good Form.

An extension of Formtastic form builder to make building nested and association form extremely simple...

Rails form builder for bootstrap semantic-ui and any ui

Semantically valid ActionView form builder

Simple Rails app form builder for easily creating web forms for others to submit

An example of Rails app using vue-form-for gem

Rails form builder that makes it easy to create forms using Twitter Bootstrap 4+

A handy and flexible table / css form builder

Labelled Form Builder Plugin for Rails

This gem extends formtastic's form builder to support custom fields and sections for your Active Admin models...

A Rails form builder that generates Twitter Bootstrap markup and helps keep your code clean

A basic form builder for outputting Bootstrap-specific markup

Simplified form builder that produces consistent and semantic form markups

Supercharge Rails form helper with ActionView::Component POC

Rails Form Builder based on the Pragmatic Programmers' Error Handling Form Builder

A form builder for Ruby on Rails that's compatible with the GOV.UK Design System

Movable Type import / export format parser and builder for Ruby.