Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for game development

Gaming and MMO focused calendar application as an experiment on Rails application development.

2D game development library for kids.

Community of Biliscript and toolchains for game and interactive graphics development

Allows files created by Harry Mulder's Game Boy Map Builder and Game Boy Tile Designer to be converted in to different file formats for use in Game Boy game develo...

Evolution Simulation written in Ruby using the Gosu video game development library

A simple 2D game development library for Ruby.

Ruby game development library using Gosu.

Toolbox for rapid game prototyping and development using Ruby, Gosu and Chipmunk.

A simple clone of Asteroids written in Ruby using the Gosu game development framework

Development of a solution to the Tic tac toe game, with Ruby and OOP methodology

This repository shows the script used to produce my roleplaying game (RPG). To create this game, I used a game engine called DragonRuby, which greatly simplifies t...

A tic-tac-toe game built with Ruby to demonstrate mastery of Object-Oriented Programming principles and Test Driven Development with rspec....

Tap for gameboy development tools

I multiplayer platformer fighting game in development.

Archive for Austrian Video Game Development

A simple game comparing countries through Human Development Statistics

Exploring the jemini ruby bridge for game development.

Game development framework based on Gosu and OpenGL

A gem of tools for Ruby game development using GLFW 3 and OpenGL. (Migrated to

This is the development in Ruby language of the classical game (aka noughts and crosses) in which two players take turns to place their marks ( 0 or X ) in the ava...

The Dream framework combines several software packages into a comprehensive cross-platform game development framework....

Brainyplex game development utils

Statically generated blog for game development projects

Cross platform game development toolchain

An SMS game in development

Game Development Challenge - Cycle 2

Musings on Foundations of Game Engine Development, Volume 1: Mathematics

A dungeon crawler written in Ruby (early development)

Conway's Game of Life implemented in Ruby using the Gosu 2D Game Development library

Single Player 2d top-down zombie survival shooter game. In development.

This game was made for me when I studied at IFRN/Natal in the class Analisys and Development of Systems in 2016....

Ruby binary data cooker for game & embedded development.

Testing Ruby Game Development Using Gosu Framework