Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for gem generators

The participatory democracy framework. A generator and multiple gems made with Ruby on Rails

Pagination Generator for Jekyll 3 (enhanced replacement for the old built-in jekyll-paginate gem) ⛺

Rails 3 compatible generators for gems that don't have them yet

A Ruby gem that is a Sinatra app generator with Rails-like simplicity. I built this to help fellow Flatiron School students with their Sinatra assessments....

pluto gems - planet feed reader and (static) website generator - auto-build web pages from published web feeds...

New Gem Generator for RubyGems

A random sentence and paragraph generator gem. Using Markov chains, this generates near-english prose....

daemons gem integration into Rails 3 (based on rails_generator)

A gem that allows for you to write specs for your Rails 3 generators

fast and accurate ctags generator on gem install

Random item and Heroku-ish name generator gem

Simple random number generator gem for Ruby (based on C# code by John D. Cook).

WebP image generator gem for Jekyll websites

quik gem - ruby quick starter template script wizard .:. the missing code generator

A Rails generator gem that generates an entire MVC stack for user polling on your app

This gem includes a generator for SimpleForm configuration with Materialize.

CommonMark generator for Jekyll

Sinatra application generator

Ruby gem for random-data-generators you can build upon

Quick and flexible web project generator for standalone sites or use with QEDServer. gem install qedproject...

A generator of RuboCop's custom cops gem.

A gem containing Twitter’s Bootstrap CSS Project, a JQuery Plugin to simply user interface interactivity, and generators to make scaffolds sexy....

💎 AuxiliaryRails gem - a collection of classes, scripts, generators for Ruby on Rails helping you get things done, better and faster....

This is the gem that consist of generator, to generate files to play with polish payment service

Rails gem which includes SimpleForm configuration generator and custom inputs for MaterializeSass users...

Views generator for devise gem. Views are generated to be used with simple_form gem. It also adds full i18N support...

A gem that generate boilerplates when creating new domain services

Rails3 generator gem for factory girl

Rails gem that creates service generator in your project

Automatic documentation generator gem for rocket_pants

Terraform infrastructure generators packaged as rails gem

Deterministic Random SVG Icon Generator

A generator of RuboCop's custom cops gem.