Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for git tools

A command-line tool that helps you summarize and pretty-print collaborators based on contributions

Simple tool to help track vendor branches in a Git repository.

A tool to simplify working with remote branches

command line tool to facilitate github pull requests

sekrets is a command line tool and library used to securely manage encrypted files and settings in your rails' applications and git repositories....

git-deploy is a deployment tool to allow for quick and easy deployments based on the changes in a git repository....

GitLab Command Line Tool - Interact with your GitLab server via the command line to manage snippets, projects and more....

A collection of scripts for development work with Git, Hg, Gerrit and Android.

a cheat sheet tool based on git

🔐 Tools for storing encrypted content in Git

Ruby tool for importing existing svn projects into git and github.

A command-line tool that automates the task of creating a GIT mirror for a SVN repo, and keeping it up-to-date....

git-based tool for tracking engineering time and tasks

Command line tool to help you clean up old git branches

A tool to help work with git projects that accept patches from Lighthouse

git-spelunk, an interactive git history tool

Tools to aid mining of ruby code in git repositories

Re-usable, composable Capistrano tasks for git tagging and other git workflow

Tool to rebase multiple Git branches based on the previous one.

:zap: git helper tool to clone/open/auto-install/edit with a one-liner

Command-line tool to backup data from github (private repositories, organizations, forks, wiki, issues)...

A command line tool for replicating git repositories from one service to another

Simple CLI Tools for GitHub commit status.

git-daily is a tool which helps you to do daily workflow easier on Git. for ruby version.

A tool to help you recover from your post-weekend amnesia

pt_BR translation of Vagrant docs. Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments....

The tool that generate epub from git repository.

An agile tool to analyze Git repositories

monorepo / mono source tree tools, libraries & scripts

CLI tool to delete Git branches

A tool to automatically resolve Git conflicts that occur in Xcode project files

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git-status-tree is a command line tool that shows git repository changes in a file tree.