Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for irb

A runtime developer console and IRB alternative with powerful introspection capabilities.

A mini view framework for console/irb that's easy to use, even while under its influence. Console goodies include a no-wrap table, auto-pager, tree and menu....

Improvements for Ruby's IRB console 💎︎

Provides an irb session to a running ruby process.

ruby interactive print loop - A light, modular alternative to irb

Mission: Easy custom autocompletion for arguments, methods and beyond. Accomplished for irb and any other readline-like console environments....

Enhances your Ruby REPL. Supports rails, mongoid, rspec and cucumber

Ruby Object Inspection for IRB

Extra cool IRb goodness for the masses.

IRB on a diet, for MacRuby / Ruby 1.9

Graphical IRB-like console written using HotCocoa

Interactive Vim mode for IRB, Rails console, and PRY

My .irbrc settings for interactive Ruby

ripl/irb the way I like it (enhanced with boson)

C-x C-e to invoke an editor on the current pry (or irb) line

Colors & Hash Rockets in IRB

Run Ruby code over multiple implementations/versions using RVM from a IRB-esque prompt

Custom IRB consoles made easy

Interactive Ruby - A presently experimental re-invention of the wheel that is IRB - much, much smaller...

Very simple gem to coerce 'padrino console' into calling 'pry' instead of 'irb'.

LiveConsole, a Ruby gem for providing IRB over things other than stdio.

Dr. Nic's irb extension to tell you what methods return a desired result

Interactive Ruby Tools - Improved irb and rails console with a lot of easy and powerful tools.

`rails console` for your Rack applications

Object-Oriented RI for IRB Console

A cucumber console that offers cucumber world enviroment on irb

A Ruby IRB / Debuging Tool for Listing Methods on an Object by their Source Module / Class

My setup and initialization files for irb

Live is like irb only it is meant to be used from a text editor