Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for machine learning

Curated list: Resources for machine learning in Ruby

Machine learning for Ruby

Rumale is a machine learning library in Ruby

Flexible and Extensible Machine Learning in Ruby

A ruby gem for elegant data science and machine learning

Sentiment analysis with Machine Learning

examples from "Thoughtful Machine Learning"

Machine learning and data mining algorithms for JRuby

Official Ruby client for the MonkeyLearn API. Build and consume machine learning models for language processing from your Ruby apps....

Minimum setup machine learning (classification) library for Ruby on Rails applications.

Machine Learning & Data Mining with JRuby

Library for various machine learning tasks

Kaggle-like machine learning competition platform

Stanford Sentiment Treebank machine learning & sentiment analysis library

Fast online machine learning for Ruby

Machine Learning in Ruby implemented Delta Learning method.

Some Machine Learning algorithms, implemented in Ruby

Machine learning library for ruby

Various distance and similarity measures for machine learning.

This project is a Ruby gem ('hmm') for machine learning that natively implements a (somewhat) generalized Hidden Markov Model classifier. At present, it is capabl...

A community-driven place to get started with machine learning and AI.

An app I created so developers can track the info they need: now includes Twitter API feeds and Machine Learning, Python, and Ruby on Rails sections....

Code for Machine Learning for Fun and Profit talk from RailsConf 2014, RubyNation 2014, Rocky Mountain Ruby 2014...

Homebrew formulae to automatically install tools for use in the fields of Robotics, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision....

Machine Learning Advent Calendar 2013 の12月8日の記事として

A set of base classes in order to perfom training scripts for Neural Networs ( by means of SNNS) and SVM ( by means of SVM Light and SVM Class)...

machine learning experiments around a bunch of rss articles

(fork) A Ruby library for handling ARFF files, as popularized by the WEKA machine learning program

Sabina is a machine learning library.

Deploy machine learning models in Ruby (and Rails)

A small and straight forward machine learning in ruby

Ruby library for k-fold cross-validation of machine learning classifiers. It also provides a confusion matrix for interpreting classifier results. NOTE: API is uns...

Simplified Javascript State Machine. Done mostly for my own learning.

Workbench for practical machine learning in Ruby.

My code solutions to exercises of Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning

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