Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for markdown processors

Qiita-specified markdown processor.

Another Markdown Wiki Formatter for Redmine based on Redcarpet markdown processor.

Markdown processor in Ruby; foked from official SVN repo to fix bugs

multi_markdown allows projects to use a wide variety of Markdown Processors, without having to depend on a specific one....

A Markdown pre-processor with support for BibTeX citations.

A plugin for Jekyll to process Wikipedia-like links in Maruku markdown

Magent specified markdown processor.

Jekyll markdown processor with furigana/pinyin support

The easiest way to create and share simple documents. No heavy word processors, just plain ol’ markdown....

Markdown processor for Potmum

Markdown processing engine

A themed command line markdown processor. → Ruby → Markdown helper classes for writing our own processors

Middleman extension which processes i18n files through markdown

Some CSS for the marked markdown processor

Some CSS for the marked markdown processor

Some rake tasks to help prepare a static website environment (image processing, Less & Markdown compilation etc)...

Darkmouun converts Markdown document to HTML by processing of pre, Mustache template, Kramdown, and post....

pre-process phpbb3 bbcode posts to discourse markdown posts, in phpbb3's mysql database.

A little Markdown pre-processor

A simple MarkDown Processing system Implemented in Ruby