Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for measurements

Performance testing matchers for RSpec

Ruby library to perform server-side tracking into the official Google Analytics Measurement Protocol

Pure Ruby dimension measurement for GIF, PNG, JPEG and TIFF images

Transparent method-level wrapper for profiling purposes in Ruby

Encapsulate measurements and their units in Ruby.

Distance Measurements are Awesome!

Rails adapter for the measured gem. Encapsulate measurements and their units in Ruby and Rails.

Simple Ruby gem for calculating and converting measurements.

Algebra with units of measurement.

Fluentd Input plugin to execute mysql query and fetch rows. It is useful for stationary interval metrics measurement....

Pretty quantifiable measurements which feel like ActiveSupport::Duration

A sweet Ruby measurement & converstion Library.

dmm_util is a utility for downloading TrendPlot and saved measurements from Fluke 289 and 287 Series multimeters....

A minimally invasive unit and measurement library.

Herbalist is a natural language measurements parser.

Sends measurements to Graphite via UDP

OMF is a Testbed Control, Measurement and Management Framework

A simple and fast measurement library

A library to handle measurement numbers for Ruby

Measurements of quality for cookbooks in the Chef Supermarket

Two-methods gem for easy method inspection and simple performance measurements.

A Ruby Gem for Measurements

Run your own Ruby Code Interrogation

Measurement Parser / Converter

The metric system is an international decimalised system of measurement, first adopted by France in 1791....

A measurement gem for ruby.

Global Measurements Application (GMA) API.

This is the software repository for the GIMI instrumentation and measurement project.

App that tracks domestic power consumption. It can register measurements across rooms in the house. The main rooms are bedroom, study, garage, living, kitchen, and...

Measurements of quality for cookbooks in the Chef Supermarket

VEROVAL® duo control blood pressure measurements export script

Rwtocore: convert tree-ring measurements to drawings of cores

Simple and pretty stupid way to measure execution time of your code

API for air pollution measurement system

A simple wrapper for Google Analytics' Universal Measurement API

This REST API was built with Ruby on Rails, and Postgres for the databases as the final project at Microverse. With this API, records (measurements) and items (thi...