Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for mobile development

Watir for Mobile Devices (currently pre-beta status but in active development)

💤 CLI Toolbelt for Titanium Mobile 2.x development on Mac OS X.

This project is a requirement from Microverse for completing the Ruby on Rails Curriculum. It is a web app for keeping track of hours dedicated to software develop...

Development spike: upload videos from mobile device directly to S3, capture meta-data in rails backend....

Mobile app development guidance and scaffolding for RubyMotion

React.js + Typescript + Ruby on Rails starter kit for Hybrid Mobile Application development

Complete and integrated set of tools facilitating development of cross-platform HTML5 projects. It provides everything from enforcing clear asset files structure,...

Course on Mobile Applications Development with HTML5

Phonegap vs. Titanium for Mobile App development presentation

Redmine plugin which provides smartphone view. under development.

Learning about Sencha Touch for mobile development

Another Sinatra API based for Mobile Development

Slides for my Design and Development for Mobile talk at my current office

An simple API for a mobile app development workshop

Kotlin Secure Coding Practices is a guide written for anyone using Kotlin for mobile development.

A powerful plugin for Bugtags, monitor your mobile app in real-time, providing instant & rich information for your development....

My final capstone project in the Microverse coding school Software Development curriculum, it consisted of making a responsive mobile-first app with a Ruby on Rail...

The eBartender is my final capstone project in Microverse Software Development bootcamp. It is a responsive mobile-first app built with a Ruby on Rails RESTful API...

Mobile Development | New Media Development | Artevelde University College Ghent

Project for mobile development

Development Of Explorer as an Application

Our pods for Dephyned Mobile Development

Web/Mobile Development in the Transportation Industry

Rails web-app tool for managing collections of mobile apps for development, testing, and distribution....

Project created for mobile and web app development

A How-To's Guide to Mobile Development

Example API used in Mobile Development Class projects

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development....

Toolset for rapid deployment of backend-side services for mobile development

Toolchain for Mobile App Development 移动研发工具链