Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for music and sound

A web application for creating, sharing, and discovering new music

@Homebrew tap for music software, such as @NativeInstruments synths and presets, for use in a DAW like @Ableton Live....

SoundDisco is an artist discovery website built with Ruby on Rails, multiple API's, Javascript & Ajax. It uses a single user input to get artist information by pul...

Music and sound based messaging app

this program uses humans and sounds to evolve music


Create customizable synthesizers to play music and sounds that can be layered to vary music complexity....

Musa-DSL: A Ruby DSL and framework for algorithmic sound and music thinking and composition, device language neutral (MIDI, OSC, MusicXML, etc)...

Organizer for sound clips and music ideas

Personal project containing artists and music instruments

music and sounds made with sonic-pi

Handy music and sound effects for your day to day merriment

Handy music and sound effects for your day to day merriment

A web app for sharing music. Anyone can be the DJ and songs can be voted on.

Discord bot to queue background music and play sound effects

Scripts created with the Sonic Pi software to develop game musics and sounds.

App to search live music events, and sample artist's songs to see if you want to hear them live.

Rails App to import Sofar Sounds music video metadata from an external source and exposes it externally...

A Cinch plugin to interact and stream music/sound clips to a Mumble server.

Jekyll website for, my sound and algorithmic music composition site

A Ruby on Rails app for playing music and ambient sounds while working

One stop shopping for any active participant in the music industry. Lets musicians find similar sounds and collaborate and allows venues and producers to headhunt...

Music production and post sound production studio - Portfolio

Audio content marketplace for music artists and media producers

I've just discovered Sonic Pi and I'm gonna store all my attempts at programming music in here. I wish I knew anything about making music. I love music but I have...

Sounds and music composed with SonicPi

Rails backend for user and piano music sheet info

mpv-adjustvol reads the first 180 seconds of movie/music files and plays them with an adjusted sound's volume....