Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for notifications

Create agents that monitor and act on your behalf. Your agents are standing by!

📮Untangle your GitHub Notifications

Apple Push Notifications; No Dirigible Required

The push notification service for Ruby.

Pushing your Apple notifications since 2012.

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Notifications for Ruby on Rails applications

Monitoring notification routing + event processing system. For issues with the Flapjack packages, please see

An Apple Push Notification Service gem

Simple way to send server-side notifications to Google Analytics

Slack notification plugin for Redmine

A Rack-mountable webservice for managing push notifications

iOS, Android and Windows Phone Push Notifications made easy!!

Background worker to send Apple Push Notifications over a persistent TCP socket.

Ruby framework for keeping all types of notifications (mailers, push notifications, whatever) in one place...

🛎 Notifications Center engine like GitHub or other application for any Rails applications.

A Ruby APNs HTTP/2 gem able to provide instant feedback.

This gem is a wrapper to send push notifications to devices. Currently it only sends to Android or iOS devices, but more platforms will be added soon. With APNS (A...

Integrated user activity notifications for Ruby on Rails

The RubyMotion layout and styling gem. Follow @MotionKit on twitter for updates and commit notifications...

E-mail marketing application (create and send e-mail newsletter via SES). Includes subscription management, delivery, bounce and complaint notification, templates,...

webpush, Encryption Utilities for Web Push protocol

Get a notification once your iTunes Connect build is finished processing

🚦 RSpec formatter for OS X's Notification Center

Get email notifications when someone stars or forks one of your GitHub repos and follows/unfollows you...

Bugsnag error monitoring & reporting software for rails, sinatra, rack and ruby

Ruby growlnotify 'bindings' (unobtrusive notification system)

Get email notification when Virus Total has a copy of your binary.

A simple and easy way to send notifications to Slack from your Ruby or Rails application.

Rails iOS, Android and Windows Phone Push Notifications made easy!!

A flexible notification library supporting the delivery to external services, rendering in various environments, and user configuration by category....

Ruby gem for user notification management.