Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for optimizations

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Ruby on Rails applications.

Open source, self hosted, mobile optimized CI powered by fastlane

Optimize images using multiple utilities

Page optimizations done at the Rack level

This gem allows you to simply optimize CarrierWave images via jpegoptim or optipng.

HuffShell is a gem for suggesting and optimizing your shell aliases, programtically.

A perfect image optimizer for Ruby

RGhost is a document creation and conversion API. It uses the Ghostscript framework for the format conversion, utilizes EPS templates and is optimized to work with...

A gem for building mobile optimized Rails applications using semantic, media query-based device detection and server side component optimization....

Add up / down voteability to Mongoid and MongoMapper documents. Optimized for speed by using only ONE request to validate, update, and retrieve updated data....

A multi-armed bandit optimization framework for Rails

Makes your life easier optimizing an application for retina displays.

Automatically optimizes your Ruby code

Fontue is a Rack-based, open-source, web font server built for This project also includes font optimization scripts for use with FontForge...

CSS Optimizer(csso) ruby wrapper for Rails Asset pipeline

Optimized Docker base images for Rails applications

Optimized generation of public and presigned AWS S3 GET URLs in ruby faster

Nested OpenStruct alternative optimized for speed especially for many short-lived objects.

wrapper of Mechanize, optimized for nicovideo.

Optimized thrift bindings for ruby

Simple tool for optimizing XCTest runs across machines

Zero config HTML/CSS validation & optimization tool for Rails apps

This gem allows you to simply optimize images via jpegoptim or optipng.

Slimmed down version of Webpacker with only the asset helpers optimized for, but not requiring, React on Rails...

Optimize rails assets using image_optim

Auto-order table columns for optimize disk space usage

Ruby Performance Optimization - Book abstract

A SEO and social media optimized Middleman template

Our optimized Rails templates used in our projects

🚀 Jekyll plugin for compress/optimize images (jpg, png, gif, svg)

SVG optimizer and inliner for jekyll

A simple gem to help you optimize your shell workflow

Optimizing JIT compiler built inside CRuby

Automatically optimizes your Ruby code