Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for package management

Effing package management! Build packages for multiple platforms (deb, rpm, etc) with great ease and sanity....

A package deployment and patch management system for OS X that enhances the Casper Suite, an enterprise-level management system for Apple devices from JAMF Softwar...

FreeBSD ports and packages management app

Sinatra front end for the homebrew package management system

Arli is the command line tool, that's both — the Arduino Library manager that's decoupled from any IDE, as well a project generator based on "arduino-cmake". By co...

Graphical interface for homebrew package management in MacRuby

A package management system for iOS

A content (Packages and Configuration) management plugin for Foreman

node.js package management system -- feature rich, fast, inspired by GIT / RubyGems / Gemcutter / Kiwi Fruits :D...

Manifest is a Rails::Engine content management system, packaged as the RubyGem manifest-rails.

Meta-package management

Ghetto Package Management

Dead Simple Ruby Package management.

Configuration management gem for steenzout packages.

Source package management for a single user inspired by Homebrew and shipped as a gem

[Semi-HIATUS] An attempt at Minecraft package management utilizing CurseForge. On hold until I learn more about Forge's JSON mod loader....

python setup and pip package management

The Package Management files on my Macbook Pro

This is the backend that was going to be used for TweakHub. Since that project is now dead I figured I might as well open source it....

REST package repo management

note management for packages

Shipment/package tracking dashboard web app. management of shipments from many vendors across many orders....

Package management for Robot Sweatshop

Package allowing the creation and management of multi-lingual, multi-regional email messages.

Package provider for the xbps package management system

Omnibus packaged tools for easier management

Electronic Resource Package Management Interface for Symphony

Manage the Intermapper network management package with Puppet

Work-in-progress package management and build system

Investigations into decentralized and peer-to-peer package management

Debian packaging for wright, the lightweight config management tool

Homebrew is a package manager for macOS which provides easy installation and update management of additional software. This Tap (repository) contains the Formulae...

Form creation/Inventory management app for New York Packaging

Transform Vireo ETDs into an ingest package for Princeton long term management