Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for pagination

⚡ A Scope & Engine based, clean, powerful, customizable and sophisticated paginator for Ruby webapps

Pagination library for Rails, Sinatra, Merb, DataMapper, and more

The ultimate pagination ruby gem

:page_facing_up: Link header pagination for Rails and Grape APIs.

Paginate Active Record sets at variable speeds

A Rails grid plugin to create grids with sorting, pagination, and (automatically generated) filters

A wrapper around DataTable's ajax methods that allow synchronization with server-side pagination in a Rails app...

Find next / previous Active Record(s) in one query

Integrates the Twitter Bootstrap pagination component with will_paginate

Pagination Generator for Jekyll 3 (enhanced replacement for the old built-in jekyll-paginate gem) ⛺

A tight DSL to build tables of ActiveRecord or Mongoid models with sorting, pagination, finding/filtering, selecting and batch actions. Tries to do for tables what...

Twitter like pagination renderer gem for WillPaginate

NO LONGER UNDER ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT as of Jekyll 3: Pagination Generator for Jekyll

Easy API pagination for Rails

Lightweight, simple and maintained JSON:API support for your next Ruby HTTP API.

An ActiveRecord pagination gem

Better DataMapper paging solution - framework independant - like will_paginate but better ;)

This is an infinity randomly picker doujinshi from yours favorite list with auto scroll and pagination...

:link: Extensions to ActiveResource library. The simpliest way for REST pagination.

Jekyll plugin to extend the pagination generator.

Handles AJAX site navigation, loads content into ajax_section containers using AJAX links.

Integrates the Foundation pagination component with will_paginate

Pagination Generator for Jekyll Category

Transparent support for pagination using WillPaginate and ActiveResource over POX (Plain Old Xml)

Simple pagination for Redis lists and sorted sets.

Pagination with kaminari for sunspot

API pagination the way RFC7233 intended it

Add category index pages with and without pagination

Link header pagination for Rails APIs.

Simple cursor pagination

Page-based pagination for graphql-ruby

Cursor pagination with pagy for Ruby On Rails

An Alphabetical Pagination gem for Ruby on Rails

Integrates the Semantic UI pagination component with will_paginate

General purpose pagination for Middleman.