Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for performance monitoring

Bring Rails server-side performance metrics 📈 to Chrome's Developer Tools via the Server Timing API. Production Safe™....

Open source application performance monitoring tool with emphasis on ease of setup and use. Providing similar functionality like NewRelic/AppNeta/Skylight etc....

Monitor performance of you Rails applications

Use Google Analytics for Rails App Performance Monitoring.

Ruby on Rails app monitoring: performances & exceptions insights for rails developers.

[UNMAINTAINED] Crowbar Ganglia: Performance Monitoring

Concen is a Rails Engine for managing and monitoring a Rails application from a web interface. It includes content management system, real-time traffic monitoring,...

💎 Ruby Distributed Tracing & Metrics Sensor for Instana

Healthyr is a Ruby on Rails performance monitor.

Report Rails app performance metrics (response time, error rate, throughput, etc) via the DogStatsD client...

Tool for monitoring performance issues of Oracle databases

Tool for monitoring performance issues of Oracle databases

A ruby based end to end performance monitoring setup using Jmeter, InfluxDB and Grafana Dashboard.

Performance monitoring for your Rails apps.

Performance monitoring for your Rails apps.

This is a framework to do automation test including function ,performance, and monitoring.

Web performance monitoring API (Ruby On Rails) with Google PageSpeed Insights.

Monitors a Ruby on Rails application and reports detailed metrics on performance to Scout, a hosted monitoring service....

Rails performance monitoring

A Ruby interface to the Linux Kernel performance monitoring interface ( )...

Poorman's remote performance monitoring

A Rails performance monitoring engine (like NewRelic)

Performance monitoring for Windows OS resource in Ruby Language

Tool for Production and Performance Testing Based Application Monitoring

A Ruby interface to the WaterRower S4 Performance Monitor.

A suite of tools for monitoring the performance of ogc view services

Gerwazy is Rack-based web site performance monitor developed by awesome AmberBit programming team

USC Hybridh High School RADAR - a Rails 3.2 application for monitoring and managing the progress and performance of USCHHS students....

Enables strength and conditioning coaches to record, monitor, and track their teams' and athletes' performance statistics and injuries. As well as visualize key tr...

A benchmark and performance monitoring utility for Puppet's Beaker acceptance testing framework.

Rails application performance monitoring

A simple performance monitor for rails apps

Rails application performance monitoring

CopperEgg Application Performance Monitoring

CopperEgg Application Performance Monitoring

A Rails performance monitoring engine (like NewRelic)