Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for presentation programs

A programmable presentation tool by Ruby.

text presentation program

Montreal.rb January 2012 presentation on creating an homoiconic programming language in < 150 LOC.

Code for my presentation about meta-programming for IndyRB

Programming Exercise for Feb 2010 NHRuby Presentation

Presentation given to Atlanta's Emerald City Programming Group

Programming Challenge Solution for Feb 2010 NHRuby Presentation

Extended Text Presentation Program

SASS (SCSS) brings real programming power to CSS. These are the files used during my presentations on SASS....

Presentation about Puzzles & Katas for learning Ruby / programming

Just a little program that prints two men fighting and insulting each other. I saw it in a presentation of the _Why, and wanted to try it out :p. Feel free to add...

Dyanmic Programming examples for a presentation

A domain-specific programmable presentation framework, in ruby

A terminal based program for giving presentations.

Code for presentation on Why functional programming

A program that extracts data from SpaceX's API and outputs: 1) The number of launches by month 2) The total mass of cargo for all successful launches 3) Approximat...

Presentation on the state of programming in pinball

A keynote presentation program for the terminal. This is an Ironhack exercise.

Examples to the presentation I made at NYRuby Meetup on Object Oriented Programming and SOLID Principles...

A presentation of the Ruby programming language

A terminal based program for giving presentations.