Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for processes

Logstash - transport and process your logs, events, or other data

Simple, efficient background processing for Ruby

Resque is a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing them on multiple queues, and processing them later....

EventMachine: fast, simple event-processing library for Ruby programs

Ruby: parallel processing made simple and fast

:gem: A fast, open source text processor and publishing toolchain, written in Ruby, for converting AsciiDoc content to HTML 5, DocBook 5, and other formats....

Sucker Punch is a Ruby asynchronous processing library using concurrent-ruby, heavily influenced by Sidekiq and girl_friday....

A Ruby gem for on-the-fly processing - suitable for image uploading in Rails, Sinatra and much more!

HTML processing filters and utilities

A fast background processing framework for Ruby and RabbitMQ

A super efficient Amazon SQS thread based message processor for Ruby

Data processing & ETL framework for Ruby

Natural language processing framework for Ruby.

Code as Art, Art as Code. Processing and Ruby are meant for each other.

Process monitoring tool. Inspired from Bluepill and God.

Ruby Gem for smarter importing of CSV Files as Array(s) of Hashes, with optional features for processing large files in parallel, embedded comments, unusual field-...

:school: Identify email addresses or domains names that belong to colleges or universities. Help automate the process of approving or rejecting academic discounts....

an extension to the sidekiq message processing to track your jobs

An incoming mail processing microframework in Ruby

Curated List: Practical Natural Language Processing done in Ruby

Parallel Processing for the Rest of Us

Process your uploads in the background by uploading directly to S3

A plugin to make the process of creating a negative captcha in Rails much less painful

A system for processing messages from RabbitMQ.

Provides an irb session to a running ruby process.

Offload CarrierWave's image processing and storage to a background process using Delayed Job, Resque, Sidekiq, Qu, Queue Classic or Girl Friday....

Monitoring notification routing + event processing system. For issues with the Flapjack packages, please see

MessagePack-RPC is an inter-process messaging library that uses MessagePack for object serialization....

Ruby extension for the libvips image processing library.

HTML processing filters and utilities

A super efficient Amazon SQS thread based message processor for Ruby

A scheduler process to replace cron

High-level image processing wrapper for libvips and ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick

🐊 Run processes in the background (and foreground) on Mac & Linux from a Procfile (for production and/or development environments)...