Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for qr

A Ruby library that encodes QR Codes

Uses rQRCode and chunky_png to produce .png images of QR codes in pure Ruby.

A Ruby wrapper around the libqrencode library used for generating QR Codes (3D barcodes popular in Japan)...

QR Code decoder for Ruby

An extension to prawn for easy QR Code generation/rendering

a quick, dirty and simple clone of

[DEPRECATED]: simple google charts qr code wrapper

Cosmin Bonchis's enhancements to the Ruby "Vector" and "Matrix" module and includes: LU and QR (Householder, Givens, Gram Schmidt, Hessenberg) decompositions, bidi...

Wechat qrconnect plugin for Discourse / Discourse 微信二维码登陆验证插件

Ruby implementation of the AMQP wire protocol

A library for generating QR Code images in Ruby.

Pure Ruby Gem to generate PNG files of QR codes

Extensible query reducers architecture boilerplate & ready to go ActiveRecord filters/sorting for Grape APIs....

sql query builder library for Ruby.

QR Encoding to PNG for Ruby

A ruby wrapper for the C++ port of ZXing

Attempt to automate the Ios tasks. It will generate features like qr For you in siwft 4.

A Sinatra application that will generate QRCodes for a BBC url with a BBC logo embedded in it.

UIImageView subclass to display an QR code

Using the new iOS7 AVMetadataMachineReadableCodeObject Class to decode QR-Codes and other within a small rubymotion project. I could not find any examples therefor...

Adds a qrcode functionality to prawn that draws a QRCode from rqrcode

Ruby QRCode generator

An OS X macruby app that uses zxing to decode QR codes

Displays a QR code in your terminal. Supports inline images in iTerm2.

QRCode generator as a service

Query runner for executing queries merged after review at the PR in CI

Creates an SVG graphic of a QR Code.

A Ruby Gem for generating Swish QR codes

Nicer non-standard QR codes with rounded corners

Generate QR codes from any text in a web interface ready to deploy to Heroku

Ruby gem to generate QR-bills for Swiss payments

Weixin pay by micropay, support QR code scan

Ruby gem for Qrcode generation of Pix (Pagamento Instantâneo Brasileiro - Banco Central do Brasil)

SDK em Ruby integrada a API Gerencianet. Esta SDK está preparada para integração à API Pix e API Boletos da Gerencianet, que lhe permite realizar o gerenciamento d...