Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for scheduling

scheduler for Ruby (at, in, cron and every jobs)

A light-weight job scheduling system built on top of Resque

Scheduler / Cron for Sidekiq jobs

Lightweight job scheduler extension for Sidekiq

A time-based background job scheduler daemon (just like Cron) for Rails

A scheduler process to replace cron

Small daemon framework for ruby, with logging, error handler, scheduling and much more.

Polyglot workflows without leaving the comfort of your technology stack.

Kuroko2 is a web-based job scheduler / workflow engine.

Manage Pagerduty on-call schedules from within your internal chat channels.

OpenConferenceWare is an open source web application for events and conferences. This customizable, general-purpose platform provides proposals, sessions, schedule...

In-app announcements to users in your Rails app

A Ruby/Rails job server and scheduler

Web-based software to manage a non-profit food coop (product catalog, ordering, accounting, job scheduling)....

📪 An interactive emailing management service with scheduling, templating, tracking and A/B testing.

A framework for scheduled integrations between popular services

rit. is a standalone web application that allows users to edit and schedule content. Content is served up to a consuming application as a web service....

time tools (cron, parsing, durations, ...) for Ruby, rufus-scheduler, and flor

An enhancement for Heroku Scheduler + Sidekiq for scheduling jobs at specific times.

Schedules is a plugin to manage users and assigned projects over time.

On-call scheduling and incident response

A scheduled background task to scan nvALT notes for @reminder() tags and trigger notifications based on dates....

A plugin for creating psuedo-scheduled jobs in Ruby on Rails.

Recurring / Periodic / Scheduled / Cron job extension for Sidekiq

a Rails 2.3, Rails 3, and Ruby compatible scheduler daemon. Replaces cron/rake pattern of periodically running rake tasks to perform maintenance tasks, only loadi...

Ensure that a given process is only running once. Helpful for ensure that scheduled tasks do not overlap if they run longer than the scheduled interval....

Yacs - The Scheduler for Everyone

ScheduleFu allows scheduling events with dates and times.

A lightweight cron scheduler for the async job worker Que

The Event Library (Fiber Scheduler) that designed for Ruby 3.0.

A redmine plugin that lets you schedule an issue to fire every x days/weeks/months

A distributed scheduler for docker swarm mode using Compose and Cron

rufus-scheduler/foreman based cron job scheduler (perfect for use on heroku)

Round-Robin Schedule generator

This is an example rails app that uses resque scheduler to manage delayed, recurring and scheduled jobs....

Operations research tools for Ruby

Manage ECS Scheduled Tasks like Whenever