Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for scientific

Tools for scientific computation in Ruby

A scientific conversion library.

:snowflake: Scientific formulae for Homebrew and Linuxbrew (legacy)

BibSync is a tool to synchronize scientific papers and bibtex bibliography files

Scientific Computing for JRuby

A simple framework for distributed scientific tasks, using Amazon Web Services.

Chef cookbook for Continuum Analytic's Anaconda: "completely free Python distribution for large-scale data processing, predictive analytics, and scientific computi...

Productivity and Sustainability Improvement Planning Tools

Docker base image for the Scientific Linux.

Ruby gem for finding citations of open scientific code

My Chef repo for developing cookbooks related to HPC and scientific computing

SALVA is web application to handle scientific curricula for the creation of Science and Technology databases at National Autonomous University of Mexico....

A library of molecules for scientific calculations in Ruby.

Scientific Toolkit with SI Units System for Ruby

CrowdoMeter is a web service that displays tweets linking to scientific articles, and adds semantic information to these tweets....

A toolkit for publishing scientific results to the semantic web

Scientific Document Summarizer from the Web IR / NLP Group (WING), NUS

Finds scientific names in texts using taxon-finder or neti-neti projects

a place where scientific name collections can be downloaded, organized and published as web-services

GNU Scientific Library wrapped via FFI for Ruby, JRuby, etc...

Scientific computations in Ruby based on Numerical Recipes book.

Scientific team projects for master students of the Faculty of Computer Science (FIN). Computational Conceptual Blending: a team of 4-6 students lead by Mihai Code...

Scientific Library for Rubyists

Encouraging scientific hypothesizing and experimentation through interactive Ruby

R port of Ruby's biodiversity scientific name parser

A gem for highlighting and linking scientific names in html and text files

Paper_summary is a Ruby gem that gets summaries of scientific papers from various sources (currently only eLife)....

Ruby Gem which crossmaps a list of scientific names to names from a data source in GN Index

a highly desirable material that is hypothetical, scientifically impossible, extremely rare, costly, or fictional, or has some of these properties in combination....

This is going to be a legacy project for OII SDP 2016. It will contain a step-by-step guide with resources relevant to scientific programming and data analysis...

3 weeks into learning how to program at the Flatiron School, my coding partner and I took on the challenge of utilizing 2 APIs to create a twitter bot that tweets...

Scientific formulae for the Homebrew package manager (macOS and Linux)