Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Ruby on Rails applications.

A Jekyll plugin to add metadata tags for search engines and social networks to better index and display your site's content....

Rails middleware gem for prerendering javascript-rendered pages on the fly for SEO

A script to help with seo on jekyll blog posts.

check your website if it is seo.

💎 🔎 A gem version of @bhardin's SEO Jekyll tool

SEO Permalink Plugin for Ruby on Rails

SEO / Meta tags plugin for Rails applications

This plugin adds a capability for AR model to create a seo permalink with your chinese text. It will translate your chinese text to english url based on google tra...

Manage SEO contents in Rails app. based on controller, action and more complex context.

A React/Rails Shopify base app maintained by Plug in SEO

Validated structured data for websites

Rails app template: auth, seo, orange CSS, Stripe, forms, gravatar, etc

Easy way to fetch main SEO parameters.

A SEO and social media optimized Middleman template

Automatically create SEO friendly, unique permalinks for your ActiveRecord objects. Behaves exactly like ActiveRecord#find...

A template for an SEO-friendly two-column blog-style website using the jekyll static website generator....

render_static makes any Rails/js single-page app SEO friendly by pre-rendering content for SEO bots

SEO Plugin for Ruby-on-Rails to enable more compact routes by declaring a nested resource as the default....

Google SEO scraper for "allintitle:keyword" queries.

Content Spinning lib for ruby

get site position (google, yandex)

Metadescription management for SEO on Rails sites

Easily turn any url of your Rails project into a SEO Friendly one

SEO enhancements to the Spree ecommerce system

Create SEO friendly names for a model automatically

Plugin for Ruby on Rails that lets you easily manage your meta titles and descriptions. (Works with multiple locales)...

SearchEnginePosition is a simple Ruby class made for help SEO administrator controling your websites position in mainly search engines (google, yahoo and msn)...

Validated structured data for websites

Paginate::Content - Split your Jekyll pages, posts, etc. into multiple pages automatically. Single-page view, pager, SEO support, self-adjusting links, multipage-a...

Ruby helpers to create URLs | Generate social share images with web technologies