Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for template engine

Generic interface to multiple Ruby template engines

A simple and fast JSON API template engine for Ruby on Rails

a basic template for toto, the blogging engine

A template engine for Rails, focusing on speed, using Ruby's String interpolation syntax

The authlogic/declarative_authorization based authentication/authorization system supported via engines and template of rails....

Ruby Hybrid Template Engine for Client Side and Server Side, EJS-Based

✉️ MJML parser and template engine for Ruby

template engine for hypermedia resources that provides a single DSL to generate several media types representations...

Template Engine for SQL

Minimal templating engine inspired by Markaby & Erector but much smaller and targeting Rails 3

WLang is a general-purpose (code generation / templating) engine.

A simple and streaming support CSV template engine for Ruby on Rails.

Attractive Template Engine for minimalist people

Robust CMS Engine for Rails 3.2 with High Performance, Templating, and Caching support.

A hypermedia resource template engine

Mount in memory any LocomotiveCMS site, from a template on the filesystem, a zip file or even an online engine...

Yet Another Template Engine 🚀

A content template engine

Refinery engine to manage page templates.

Ruby on Rails template engine that allows for multiple formats being laid out in a single specification....

"Kid in the Candy Store" Template Engine

A XHTML templating engine written in Ruby based on so-called pipes

Light-weight and simple templating engine for Ruby

Groff Parser and template engine for rails

h2o template engine in ruby

Ruby Template Engine for Creative Web Developers

Your personal contact search engine and Post Man. Send Email, SMS, search contact without leaving your IDE. Supports various Gateways and Templates....

A collection of handy extensions to the Liquid templating engine

Tadpole: A Small but Extensible Templating Engine for Ruby

Thymeleaf.rb, a Ruby port of the Thymeleaf natural templating engine

WLang is a general-purpose (code generation / templating) engine.

The Ruby template engine you didn't realize you needed. Until now.

Ruby on Rails template handler for the rbTenjin template engine.

Adds the jbuilder templating engine to Padrino

Merb Ruty is a ruby template engine, in a much like django template style, aimed to be used mainly with merb. This project is based on the original project from Ar...

template.rb for creating a Rails 4 engine with rspec, factory_girl, capybara, and guard pre-installed....