Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for view helpers

ORM agnostic truly Object-Oriented view helper for Rails 4, 5, and 6

Rails view helper to manage "active" state of a link

View helpers for Rails applications

A configurable and documented Rails view helper for adding gravatars into your Rails application

Ruby: user login/creation and view helpers Facebook, Twitter, Google, MSN, OpenID, MySpace, Yahoo -- All in One...

Table Cloth is a table view helper for Rails. It makes generating the HTML in Rails Views easy.

Generates DRY and specifically extendable CRUD controller, views and helpers for Rails applications

A view helper that creates a calendar using a table. You can easily add events with any content.

Block helpers for Rails views, similar to form builders but for general case.

Rails generator which allows to scaffold admin controllers, views with proper (non-namespaced) models, helpers, tests and routes...

View helpers for Ruby applications

View helpers for incorporating Elm modules into Rails views

A Ruby on Rails plugin that supplies view helpers for displaying globally-recognized avatars (gravatars) more easily....

Copycat is a Rails engine that allows editing live website copy using existing i18n view helpers

A simple and configurable Rails view helper for displaying flash messages.

Device specific UITraitCollection helper with split view detection for iOS.

A rails plugin that provides view helpers to display configurable notifications.

A lovely bunch of layout and view helper DSLs for things that I usually find myself doing in every Rails app....

Bootstrap Rails Helpers is a plugin for Ruby on Rails that adds view helpers for Boostrap

TopHat is a set of view helpers to keep your Rails layouts and views DRY.

A backbone view that uses handlebars templates and some rails helpers to render all the templates onto the page...

A Rails view helper for placeholder images via

Rails helper to generate Lorem Ipsum within a view

:bookmark_tabs: :eyes: Helps identifying partials in verbose HTML source code.

Universal View helpers with minimal requirements

a generator plugin that will copy image assets and view helpers into your app for some sexy button action...

A Rails view helper to keep <title> information in sync with your <h1>'s

Async Partial is a helper to insert partials in Rails3 views with Ajax using jQuery

Simple plugin to make a google_ad helper available in your views to insert the google adsense JS code....

Ruby on Rails view helpers for the beautiful hand-crafted SVG icons, Heroicons.

Ruby on Rails views helpers for the awesome heroicons by Steve Schoger.