Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for web servers

A Ruby/Rack web server built for parallelism

A modular Ruby web server interface.

A Ruby web framework where your Ruby runs on both server and client

Goliath is a non-blocking Ruby web server framework

A very fast & simple Ruby web server

A high-performance web server for Ruby, supporting HTTP/1, HTTP/2 and TLS.

htty is the HTTP TTY, a console application for interacting with web servers.

EventMachine based WebSocket server

Transactional email server with a lovely web interface

Standards-compliant WebSocket client and server

Serve is a small Rack-based web server and rapid prototyping framework for Web applications (specifically Rails apps). Serve is meant to be a lightweight version o...

A web server agnostic rack middleware for defining and applying rewrite rules. In many cases you can get away with Rack::Rewrite instead of writing Apache mod_rew...

Copycopter Server is open source. Run it as a web service.

Provides single sign-on authentication for web applications, implementing the server-end of Jasig's CAS protocol....

UNMAINTAINED: See celluloid/celluloid#779 - Celluloid::IO-powered web server

Web server for Rails/Rack applications built upon JRuby::Rack and Apache Tomcat

A collection of scripts that run on my web server. Mainly for debugging SSRF, blind XSS, and XXE vulnerabilities....

HTML5 Web Socket server/client implementation in Ruby

WebAuthn ruby server library ― Make your Ruby/Rails web server become a conformant WebAuthn Relying Party...

Proxy your local web-server and make it publicly available over the internet

A web display of information about Redis servers

A collection of awesome Ruby web servers (single-threaded, multi-threaded, multiplexed, etc.)

Trusterd: High Performance HTTP/2 Web Server scripting with mruby

Client-server web components with Rails and Ext JS

Annyong starts a public static Web server in the current directory, allowing people in your local network to browse your files....

A simple skeleton for new Backbone apps complete with a self-contained ruby web server.

Web control panel to deploy apps on your servers (with Dokku)

Fontue is a Rack-based, open-source, web font server built for This project also includes font optimization scripts for use with FontForge...

Web server that you can launch instantly in any directory

Awesome Ruby Collections - Web Servers, Web Frameworks, Rack, Active Record, Functional, Crypto, and More...

Asynchronous WebSocket client and server, supporting HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 for Ruby.