Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for 2d

1D and 2D barcodes reader and generators for iOS 8 with delightful controls. Now Swift.

A flutter plugin for reading 2D barcodes and QR codes.

Cross-platform 2D Game Engine in pure Swift

Game engine for making 2d games on iOS, macOS and tvOS, with practical examples and tutorials

A Swift library for Mac and iOS that implements common 2D and 3D vector and matrix functions, useful for games or vector-based graphics...

2D ECS game engine in 100% Swift + SwiftUI for iOS, macOS, tvOS

try! Swift 2019 demo app that converts Depth-less 2D images into Portrait mode.

🌊 Custom SpriteKit node that allows to simulate 2D water with respect to physics. The app demonstrates Flocking behaviour using GameplayKit, key-frame animation a...

Swift Bindings to the Skia 2D graphics Library

Hoverboard is an intuitive window manager for Mac. With Hoverboard, you only need to learn 1 shortcut to rearrange your windows in any 2d grid....

basic 2d game using Swift, SpriteKit for iOS 8

Sprite Kit is an exciting new framework for making 2D games that comes built-in to iOS. This project serves as an introduction to Sprite Kit where we build a small...

A simple and elegant 2Dimensional UICollectionView which is most commonly used in ecommerce apps, music streaming apps etc. Easily customisable as per your require...

A Swift playground for 2D Image FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) implementation.

A spatial search μlibrary powered by GameplayKit 👾

SKSpriteNode animation extension to 'shatter' a node into smaller pieces

Demonstrate Basic Metal 2D Image Viewing Code with Swift

a simple 2D game engine in Metal

Swift 2d game engine, using SDL for rendering and chipmunk for physics

The included playground is a SceneKit (3D) version of Apple's "Pathfinder" demo, which was originally developed using SpriteKit (2D)...

Demo of fragment shaders and SKWarpable with Apple's SpriteKit

Generate 2D identity color lookup table images.

iOS/macOS 2D scrollable/zoomable utility code and it's sample code

Updated code for's 2D Apple Games by Tutorials

My first 2D game app for iOS, tvOS

A simple 2D game engine to make a simple beautiful iOS/tvOS Games!

This is a project that recognizes shapes(Circle, line, triangle, rectangle) in 3D and regularize and visualize them back to 3D...

iPad app draws beautiful 2D and 3D images using Swift and Metal

A Mac application which provides an alternative 2D canvas view of the files in selected folders.

A demonstration of 2D animated instanced drawing in Metal

A 2D car racing game written in Swift SpriteKit

Blockhead is an experiment in projecting a point from the 3D ARKit environment to the 2D frame buffer, then back to 3D as a texture on an object....

Template for a 2D top down RPG written in Swift with SpriteKit.