Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for ai

The Swift machine learning library.


A floating panel for your iOS Apps

Neural Network built in Apple Playground using Swift

An animated gif & apng engine for iOS in Swift. Have a great performance on memory and cpu usage.

Nicely animated flat design switch alternative to UISwitch

A toolbox of AI modules written in Swift: Graphs/Trees, Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks, PCA, K-Means, Genetic Algorithms...

iOS library - UIScrollView driven expandable menu.

SwiftAI, write Swift code smart. SwiftAI can generate Model class from JSON now. Codable and HandyJSON is supported. More features will be add....

A self-taught project of learning Swift by making some of Airbnb's screens

Artificial intelligence/machine learning data structures and Swift algorithms for future iOS development. bayes theorem, neural networks, and more AI....

Hand-gesture recognition on iOS app using CoreML

Widget that show your AirPods / AirPods Pro / Airpods Max battery directly from your MacOS status bar. M1 Macbook and Intel Macbook Compatible...

Micro-framework to enable and facilitate the use of LocalAuthentication (Touch / Face ID) on your iOS Projects...

Easy and tidy way for creating custom UIViewController transitions for iOS

Trains a model, then generates a complete Xcode project that uses it - no code necessary

Catalyst-based HomeKit menu bar air quality monitor for macOS 11

AirPlay server for macOS

Air Quality iOS and MacOS app, backed by PurpleAir

# WARNING: This repository is no longer maintained :warning: This content is no longer being updated or maintained. The content is provided “as is.” Given the rap...

Airbnb 4.7's three-dimensional slide menu. Unfortunately, this menu was obsoleted in Airbnb 5.0.

Chess engine and AI written in Swift


Mac menu bar app to track Air Quality

WatchOS 3.0 Complication Tracking Air Quality of Major Chinese Cities 苹果表盘实时追踪北上广沈蓉空气污染指数

Chinese Chess(中国象棋) - A Free iOS App(C & Obj-C & Swift)

ShogibanKit is a framework (not yet) for implementing complex Japanese Chess (Shogii) in Swift. No UI, nor AI....

🕹 iOS game - classic Tic Tac Toe with AI and state machines [Swift + SpriteKit + GameplayKit].

Swift high-level API for TensorFlow.

Face Recognition and Detection on iOS Using Native Swift Code, Core ML, and ARKit

This project is a sample to get the motion sensor values of the AirPods Pro / Max.

📸 The Camera library that sees the vision.

A Swift client for the OpenAI API.

📸 The Camera library that sees the vision.

A flutter package for Fast, Accurate and Secure Credit card & Debit card scanning