Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for authentication

Software U2F authenticator for macOS

Use Apple FaceID or TouchID authentication in your app using BiometricAuthentication.

An iOS passcode lock with TouchID authentication written in Swift.

Two-Factor Authentication Client for iOS

Instagram API client written in Swift

Swift framework for authenticating with the Spotify API

Krypton turns your iOS device into a WebAuthn/U2F Authenticator: strong, unphishable 2FA.

A simple to use, standard interface for authenticating to oauth 2.0 protected endpoints via SFSafariViewController....

一款快速实现微信第三方登录的框架(Swift版) SDK 1.8.5

Pluggable HTTP authentication for Swift.

A Swift & iOS framework to authenticate using Auth0 and with a Native Look & Feel

An easy way to create beautiful social authentication buttons

An authentication framework for Swift.

An easy-to-use two-factor authentication app for iOS

PAM plugin module that allows touch ID to be used for authentication

Swift toolkit for Auth0 API

Authenticate on OS X with iPhone Bluetooth LE.

Versatile HTTP Networking in Swift

Very simple swift wrapper for Biometric Authentication Services (Touch ID) on iOS.

Example application using a privileged helper tool with authentication in an unsandboxed application written in Swift...

Vapor 4 code samples for the Practical Server Side Swift book

Federated Authentication with OAuth providers

A Vapor 4 template with authentication, Fluent, JWT, Queues, repository pattern, testing and more.

A TouchID-aware 2-factor authenticator for macOS

The Swift iOS | macOS | watchOS | tvOS | Linux | Android SDK for the Parse Platform

Capacitor plugin for Google Auth. Lightweight & no dependencies.

Flutter plugin for authenticating a user with a web service

Simple way to authenticate Instagram accounts on iOS.

A demo of a better authentication flow for tvOS apps using iOS

👤 Authentication and Authorization framework for Fluent.

A demo of Vapor Authentication powered by Turnstile

An easy-to-use two-factor authentication app for iOS

Practical Privacy-Preserving Authentication for Apple AirDrop

Allow users to authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID on iOS devices

An iOS sample in Swift that authenticates Microsoft Account and Azure AD users and calls the Graph API using OAuth 2.0...