Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for barcode

A better way to operate QR Code in Swift, support iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

:mag_right: A simple and beautiful barcode scanner.

A barcode and qr code scanner( 二维码 各种码识别,生成,界面效果)

A camera designed in Swift for easily integrating CoreML models - as well as image streaming, QR/Barcode detection, and many other features...

1D and 2D barcodes reader and generators for iOS 8 with delightful controls. Now Swift.

A flutter plugin for reading 2D barcodes and QR codes.

✂️ Detect and crop faces, barcodes and texts in image with iOS 11 Vision api.

A barcode and qr code scanner( 二维码/条形码扫描、生成,仿微信、支付宝)

Barcode and QR code reader built in Swift

Custom rounded QR code with lots of customization.

A SwiftUI view that is able to scan barcodes, QR codes, and more, and send back what was found.

a scanner for QRCode barCode 最好用的ios二维码、条形码,扫描、生成框架,支持闪光灯,从相册获取,扫描音效等,高仿微信,微博

CarBode : Free & Opensource barcode scanner & generator for SwiftUI

Very simple Barcode Scanner written purely in Swift

American Driver's License PDF-417 Barcode Parser

Swift 实现的条码扫描组件库

Use Verifone Barcode scanner over MFi

A simple barcode reader built in Swift

A parser for driver license barcodes.

A GS1 Barcode Library and Parser in Swift

Simple BarCode Generator written in Swift

Codabar Barcode Generator for iOS

Easily implement barcode/QR scan with few lines. No boilerplate code, no xib, no storboards.

A simple project, demonstrating the usage of iOS 11's Vision Framework for detection QR Codes

Simple framework written in Swift to make all types of code scanning much easier.

✂️ Detect and crop faces, barcodes, texts or rectangle in image with iOS 11 Vision (iOS 10 Core Image) api.(图片裁剪:支持人脸、二维码/条形码、文本、方框)...

Complete code for BarCode and QRCode scanner in Swift 4 [

Functions for scanning QR codes in ARKit

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