Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for bots

Telegram Bot SDK for Swift (unofficial)

How to create a Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Google Assistant bot with Swift using Vapor on Linux and macOS....

Telegram Bot - written with Swift 5.2 / NIO, supports Linux, macOS

An easily extensible chat bot for iMessage written in Swift.

An example Slack Bot application built with Vapor in Swift.

Extensible Slack Bot used to communicate with TravisCI and GitHub

Swiftbot on slack. Inspired by kishikawakatsumi/swift-compiler-discord-bot

Build your Telegram Bot with Swift! (works on macOS / Ubuntu)

A bot animation made with SpriteKit.

Mac OSX app to manage Xcode bots for github pull requests

A bot that monitors and manages your pull requests.

Bot Framework for Swift Linux Command Line

Penny Coin is a Slack Bot in Swift written with Vapor. It is used to track coins in the Vapor community....

A Telegram Bot API package for making bots in Swift.

Butterbot is a blazingly dumb bot written in Swift

A chat bot using Telegram API that receives, handles and answers chat messages.

Swift minimal irc bot (with a view)

A starter template project for Slack Bot Servers based on Perfect.

A simple chat bot built using and Vapor Swift web framework.

Discord Bot written in Swift (OS X Command Line)

Swift client library for Microsoft Bot Framework's Direct Line protocol

Swift Module for interacting with Xcode Bots

A Vapor template for making Slack bots

Watson Weather Bot written in Swift 3 and Kitura

Track-o-Botty: Simple iOS app for Track-o-Bot -

A test app for FB messenger chat bot on vapor web framework in Swift

Sneaker bot written in pure swift

Lucas is a conversational bot built with Wit and Swift 3.0.

Swift Bot with Vapor for Telegram Bot Api