Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for csv

CSV reading and writing library written in Swift.

Read and write CSV files row-by-row or through Swift's Codable interface.

A csv parser written in swift conforming to rfc4180

Import CSV files line by line with ease

Swift CSV Export is rich features framework and it helpful to read and write CSV in simple way.

A swift package for read and write CSV file

Fast and memory-efficient CSV library in Swift.

A simple CSV file parser and serializer

A simple iOS app that accesses Health data to export workout data to CSV for any use.

A completely customizable video player that support VLC Player(MobileVLCKit),AVPlayer and Media Player....

Translator 可以帮助你快速的将 .csv 表格内容转为对应国家的 . lproj 文件( App多语言国际化 iOS/macOS 项目)


Supports generate clr file or code from ASE file a.k.a. "Adobe Swatch Exchange" etc.

Migrate LDIF files to CSV using Swift

Lightweight CSV export library written in Swift

A humble CSV tool, friend of jq

CSV - a fast cvs parser for large files written in Swift

Parse CSV files in Swift

Extract email addresses from indicated CSV files, then export as TestFlight supported CSV files.

Swift command line utility to take a CSV input of strings and output localizable string formats for iOS/macOS and Android....

Swift 4 classes to convert a collection of colors to/from an Adobe ASE Swatch file, Procreate file or plain CSV file....

An iOS app which bulk imports Fitbit Aira scale CSV Weight (Pounds), Body Mass Index (BMI) and Body Fat Percentage (BFP) measurement data into Apple's HealthKit. T...

Text parser and CSV converter for Avid Pro Tools text exports.

CodableCSV - Makes it easy to parse CSV files using the Codable protocols

An iOS device motion recorder, which records sensor data to csv files.

This is a simple iOS app for recording iPhone motion data as a CSV file.

THIS REPO LIVES AT THE FOLLOWING URL NOW: •••••• or via tor: http://wmj5kiic7b6kjplpbvwadnht2nh2qnkbnqtcv3dyvpqtz7ssb...

Demo Xcode project to generate Realm file using CSV files

This package is a work in progress, the API isn't stable.

Swift tool for importing / exporting / merging CSVs of .strings file translations into Xcode projects...

Convert a CSV File into swift object code

Easily export your contacts. Whether you back up or share ✅

A lightweight macOS app for reading and writing CSV files

A Simple Expense Tracker App built to demonstrate the use of SwiftUI, CoreData, Charts, Biometrics (Face & Touch ID), Export CSV and MVVM Architecture....