Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for dependency injection

Dependency injection framework for Swift with iOS/macOS/Linux

Lightweight Swift Dependency Injection Framework

Compile-time safe Swift dependency injection framework

Swift Ultralight Dependency Injection / Service Locator framework

Dependency Injection framework for Swift (iOS/macOS/Linux)

Sample iOS app demonstrating Coordinators, Dependency Injection, MVVM, Binding

Dependency injection for iOS (Swift)

Easy dependency injection for storyboard segues

Swinject extension for automatic dependency injection via Storyboard

Powerful dependency injection for iOS & OSX working on a pure Swift

Deli is an easy-to-use Dependency Injection(DI).

A minimalist type safe Swift dependency injection library

💉Type-safe Navigation/Dependency Injection Framework for Swift

SwiftDI the new way to use your dependency in Swift 5.1

Movies app written in Swift 5 using the TMDb API and demonstrating Clean Architecture, Dependency Injection, MVVM and Coordinators....

📦 Dependency injection / inversion of control framework.

Dependency Injection Framework for Swift, inspired by KOIN.

A Coreader-like Dependency Injection μFramework

A Swift micro-library that provides lightweight dependency injection.

This is the demo of MVVM-C structure with dependency injection using RxSwift.

Introduce dependency injection attribute (@Inject)

Simple iOS app written in Swift using dependency injection and frameworks

A sample project demonstrating MVVM, RxSwift, Coordinator Pattern, Dependency Injection

Light-weight Service Locator / Dependency Injection library for Swift: providing objects with the dependencies they need throughout your whole iOS app....

Dependency Injection library for Swift

Dependency injection framework for Swift

A wrapper for the Crashlytics framework allowing it to be used as a transitive dependency via dependency injection....

Swift dependency injection annotations. Using Sourcery and Swinject.

An example project on how to use dependency injection.

SwiftUI sample app using Clean Architecture. Examples of working with CoreData persistence, networking, dependency injection, unit testing, and more....

Dependency Injection framework for Swift

Dependency injection (DI) & Inversion of Control (IoC) command line tool for Swift based on code generation...

Swift dependency Injection Framework

Swift dependency injection annotations. Using Sourcery and Swinject.

Dependency injection for Swift (iOS, OSX, Linux). Strongly typed, pure Swift successor to Typhoon.

Microframework for dependency injection in Swift based on PropertyWrappers.