Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for documentation

A documentation generator for Swift projects

Unidirectional reactive architecture using new Apple Combine framework

An experimental tool for testing Swift example code in documentation.

UI components and live documentation for Folio iOS app

Generate Markdown documentation from source code

An unofficial DevDocs API Documentation viewer for macOS.

CIFilter documentation and examples project

 Sample iOS App - A collection of examples and patterns for Unit Testing, UI Testing, handling Result/Optionals, writing documentation, and more. Details in READ...

DrString finds issues in your Swift docstrings and fixes them for you.

Federal Data SDK built in the Swift programming language. Follow the link for the documentation:

Parses Swift documentation comments into structured entities

A Self-Documenting Emacs Programming Environment for Swift. Includes curated Swift 5.4 documentation and reference in GNU Info format, with cross-references, and k...

A command line program to be run on OS X's Terminal utility that performs generating a Swift documentation as Markdown format...

Swift Documentation Markup Template Generator

Home of the GIPHY SDK iOS example app, along with iOS SDK documentation, issue tracking, & release notes....

A companion project to the NSHipster article about Swift Documentation

This project is a demo on using CoreML framework for sentiment analysis of text. .mlmodel was developed from Scikit-learn Pipeline using coremltools python package...

Playground for trying out all presentation styles. Seeing them live gives a much better understanding than reading the documentation....

SwiftUI Chat UI (Client) Framework & Documentation to get started!

Sample Xcode application referred to by Azure Pipelines documentation

A SearchBar look like Xcode Documentation's SearchBar

Sample app using the Swift Federal Data SDK. For documentation and a how-to, see:

A simple button for iOS (Swift) SpriteKit with full documentation and demos.

Swifty powered 🔌Markdown Documentation generator. If your team need easy way to maintain and create documentation, this generator is for you....

The Perfect Documentation build process.

Generate documentation using app itself

Store anything anywhere with ease. Documentation:

Proof of concept generating documentation for all endpoints

Example projects and documentation demonstrating implementation of Infinite Peripherals iOS SDK. Specifically for the Infinea X Scanner....

Small, easy to use Swift framework for requesting resources from a server and optionally parsing them. Documentation:

iOS app that suggests movies based on the chosen genre and minimum rating. Uses the Movie Database API (

A library that adds support for generating OpenAPI compliant documentation from JSON API compliant models....

Technical documentation used to integrate ATH Móvil's Payment Button on iOS applications.

SwiftUI Documentation Project

Home of the GIPHY SDK iOS example app, along with iOS SDK documentation, issue tracking, & release notes....

SwiftUI Documentation Project

SwiftUI Documentation Project

A tiny (40 lines or ~100 lines including documentation, comments and whitespace) dependency injection framework that can be used in a similar way to the SwiftUI e...

SwiftUI Documentation Project

The public source and documentation for Xenon iOS tweak.

Diffing Library for OpenAPI documentation.

generate apple-style api documentation websites

MongoDB Realm & Realm Database documentation

A static site generator for DocC documentation archives

Documentation compiler that produces rich API reference documentation and interactive tutorials for your Swift framework or package....