Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for haptic feedback

Easy Haptic Feedback Generator 📳

A button that is triggered based on the 3D Touch pressure, similar to the iOS 11 control center.

Haptico 📳 - easy to use haptic feedback generator with pattern-play support

TapticEngine generates haptic feedback vibrations on iOS device.

A library for playing sounds and providing haptic feedback with ease.

Example of using Taptic Engine and Haptic Feedback

iPhone 7 Haptic Feedback made simple!

Easy way to use haptic feedback through Taptic Engine in iOS.

Haptic feedback with the Taptic Engine - WKInterfaceDevice and WKHaptic in WatchKit and watchOS 2

Super simple way to provide feedback with haptics and/or sound on iOS.

A Simple Demo for Haptic Feedback in iOS 11

Используемые технологии: 3DTouch, Haptic feedback

Custom UISlider class that "sticks" with optional haptic feedback after the user's finger has been stationary for a moment....

Haptic Feedback Demo App written in Swift as a part of a article on

This little app lets you test the new feedback of the new UIFeedbackGenerator introduced with the iPhone 7...

Unified haptic feedback interface for all subclasses of UIFeedbackGenerator, with availability checks for iOS 9....

Class, that enables to call easily functional, built in Taptic Engine & Haptic Feedback.

Haptic (WKHapticType) feedback with Taptic Engine - Swift

Creates a cool experience by combining haptic feedback with the beats of a song

code example to experience haptic feedback on watchOS.

Make use of Taptic engine for haptic feedback

A joystick view with haptic feedback

MacOS touchbar vibration feedback (Haptic feedback for ESC key)

Vifra is a framework for macOS, iOS and watchOS that provides simplified access to the device actuator to provide haptic feedback (vibration through the taptic eng...

Image gallery with support for paging, downloading, zooming, and sharing. Built on top of UIKit with fluid gestures and haptic feedback....

Swift example about the use of UIFeedbackGenerator

Create fun combination of haptics for iOS

A sample project to demonstrate the Haptic feedback usage and feel (Applicable for only iPhone 7 and Plus)...

Makes it easy to integrate haptic feedback into your UIViewController 🔨

Watch App that let's you try out all available haptic feedbacks

🕹Pressing Animation & Haptic Feedback Button for SwiftU

HapticButtons integrates the use of 3D Touch and haptic feedback to simulate the feel of a physical button....

Haptic Feedback with TDD, and Objective C Compatibility!

🕹Pressing Animation & Haptic Feedback Button for SwiftU

🕹Pressing Animation & Haptic Feedback SwiftUI Button

iOS and watchOS app to test Haptic feedback