Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for ibeacon

🛰 CoreLocation Made Easy - Efficient & Easy Location Tracker, IP Location, Gecoder, Geofence, Autocomplete, Beacon Ranging, Broadcaster and Visits Monitoring...

An iBeacons example app for iOS 10, with Apple Watch (watchOS 3.0) support, written in Swift 3.

A tiny app to turn a Bluetooth LE-equipped Mac into an iBeacon

iOS iBeacon Project in Swift Language

Pure Swift Linux Bluetooth Stack

A Swift-based tutorial for getting started with iBeacon development on iOS 7/8

iBeacon Transmitter for OSX written in Swift.

Swift 3.0 Bluetooth LE Peripheral for ARM Linux device (e.g. BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi)

Turn your mac into an iBeacon.

Swift framework to monitor and range iBeacons

iBeacon region monitoring, in Swift

A shared iBeacon identifier scheme for common personal use cases

First test with Swift and iBeacons for iOS 8

This is just a small project using the iOS 8 SDK, Swift, iBeacon.

Bouquet example using iBeacons

Automated Mobile Attendance System

CoreLocation app for iBeacons written in Swift

CoThings's iOS application. CoThings is a realtime counter for shared things.

Use your Mac as an iBeacon, written in Swift

Simple iOS iBeacon app skeleton in Swift. Searches for an iBeacon in monitoring and ranging mode and prints results. This app contains no meaningful UI....

An application help you remind things before you leave your room using iBeacons.

A super simple library to integrate iBeacons in your swift project.

🐦 Swift framework for advertising an iOS device as an iBeacon and monitoring/ranging other iBeacons

iBeacon, CoreBluetooth, CoreLocation and MultipeerConnectivity Showcases

CMS with iBeacon Public Museum App for iOS

iBeacon Scanner and Broadcaster for macOS

App which lets two people share their social media details by simply putting one phone on top of the other ("tapping"). Currently in development by Nikita Mounier....