Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for json

The better way to deal with JSON data in Swift.

Simple JSON Object mapping written in Swift

JSONExport is a desktop application for Mac OS X which enables you to export JSON objects as model classes with their associated constructors, utility methods, set...

A WeChat alternative. Written in Swift 5.

A handy swift json-object serialization/deserialization library

Functional JSON parsing library for Swift

An Alamofire extension which converts JSON response data into swift objects using ObjectMapper

JSON to Core Data and back. Swift Core Data Sync.

[Deprecated] The easy to use Swift JSON decoder

[Deprecated] A shiny JSON parsing library in Swift :sparkles: Loved by many from 2015-2021

Alamofire extension for serialize NSData to SwiftyJSON

:bamboo: Spots is a cross-platform view controller framework for building component-based UIs

A JSON deserialization library for Swift

A reusable framework for parsing JSON in Swift.

[Probably deprecated] Swift 2/3 JSON unmarshalling done (more) right

Fast JSON parsing for Swift

Reflection based (Dictionary, CKRecord, NSManagedObject, Realm, JSON and XML) object mapping with extensions for Alamofire and Moya with RxSwift or ReactiveSwift...

macOS app to generate Swift 5 code for models from JSON (with Codeable)

An RSS, Atom and JSON Feed parser written in Swift

✌ Convert anything into anything in one operation; JSON data into class instances, hex strings into UIColor/NSColor, y/n strings to booleans, arrays and dictionari...

Fast conversion between JSON and model in Swift.

A type-safe JSON decoding library purely written in Swift

A simple, type safe, failure driven mapping library for serializing JSON to models in Swift 3.0 (Supports Linux)...

An extension for Alamofire that converts JSON data into Decodable objects.


A basic library for working with JSON in Swift.

[DEPRECATED] The easy to use Swift JSON encoder

A macOS command line tool that generates excellent Swift data models based on JSON data.

Marshaling the typeless wild west of [String: Any]

Swift implementation of JSON Web Token (JWT).

Elevate is a JSON parsing framework that leverages Swift to make parsing simple, reliable and composable....

A much faster version of JSONDecoder

A fast Haskell JSON library

Access JSON properties dynamically like JavaScript using Swift 4.2's new @dynamicMemberLookup feature...