Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for key value store

A simple Key-Value storage tool, using Sqlite as backend.

💾 Safe, statically-typed, store-agnostic key-value storage written in Swift!

Simple & fast key value store in Swift

Swift wrapper over sqlite to store key value pairs in db 🎊🎈

Store custom data as key-value pairs in MSMessage objects.

Wrapper for property which value should be stored in `UserDefaults.standard` under the given `key` instead of using backing variable...

A lightweight key-value store to share data across ViewControllers and or SKScenes

Use realm database to store key value objects

sample code for store and retrive value from keychain store iOS

A keychain wrapper class for storing key-value pairs in the secure enclave

Key-Value pair synchronization in iCloud using NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore

Simple Key/Value store for iOS developers

Swift Command-Line Utility - Transactional Key Value Store

An key/value store database built atop sqlite

A Swift key/value store with published updates, optimistic locking and disk persistence.

A uniform API for UserDefaults, NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore, and (potentially) other classes.

Simple DBM based Key-Value-Store in Swift

YTKKeyValueStore Key-Value storage overwrite by swift

NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore implementation of SwiftyUserDefaults

ZeroDB - Simple key value store

A naive b-tree key value store.

A multi-keys-value store written in Swift.

iOS Handoff and ubiquity key-value store sample

Mac Handoff and ubiquity key-value store sample

A Key/Value store where the key is derived by using a hash function of the value.

Keychain: storing and retrieving values Encryption of plain text values scrollable list with title, subtitle, thumbnail for each item (or row) touch and hold gest...

User defaults stored in the cloud, automatically syncs `UserDefaults` values that use a key with a specified prefix to the cloud....

Swift key value store, backed by SQLite

An implementation of the KeyValueStore protocol which uses a CloudKit container with a single record for storage....

This function will help to store and retrieve value from keychain

Transactional Key Value Store