Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for keyboard

Move and resize windows on macOS with keyboard shortcuts and snap areas

🖥 Control your external monitor brightness & volume on your Mac

A WeChat alternative. Written in Swift 5.

A software attempt to address the "double key press" issue on Apple's butterfly keyboard [not actively maintained]...

IHKeyboardAvoiding is an elegant solution for keeping any UIView visible when the keyboard is being shown - no UIScrollView required!...

AudioKit Synth One: Open-Source iOS Synthesizer App

A custom keyboard for iOS8 that serves as a tasty imitation of the default Apple keyboard. Built using Swift and the latest Apple technologies!...

⌨️ Manage iOS keyboard with Apple's missing KeyboardLayoutGuide

Swift UIKit keyboard manager for iOS apps.

The Big List of Naughty Strings is a list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data. This is a keyboard to help you t...

An open source, customizable, iOS 8 keyboard.

Simple global shortcuts in macOS

🏄‍♂️ UITextField-Navigation makes it easier to navigate between UITextFields and UITextViews

AudioKit Sample Player (ROM Player) - EXS24, Sound Font, Wave Player

:musical_keyboard: Simple Tuner for iOS

A modern, real iOS keyboard system notifications handler framework that Just Works.

KeyboardMan helps you to make keyboard animation.

⌨️A Combine-based way to observe and adjust for Keyboard notifications in SwiftUI

KeyboardKit is a Swift library that helps you create custom keyboard extensions for iOS and ipadOS.

⌨️ Add user-customizable global keyboard shortcuts to your macOS app in minutes

The easiest way to add comprehensive hardware keyboard control to an iPad, iPhone, or Mac Catalyst app....

A Mac app to control the brightness of external displays using keyboard shortcuts

A SwiftUI view that manages a UIViewController that responds to keyboard events with modified additionalSafeAreaInsets....

KeyboardTextField is a lightweight, simple, non-invasive keyboard accompanying input box! Write in Swift!...

Automatic keyboard/input source switching for OSX

For less complicated keyboard event handling.

keynav for macOS ( OS X ) , using keyboard control mouse.

How to move SwiftUI view up when keyboard appears

KeyboardKit is a Swift library that helps you create custom keyboard extensions for iOS and ipadOS.

Productive macOS keyboard-driven navigation

Daily multiplayer keyboard races for macos