Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for localization

The Swift code generator for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, … — Get rid of all String-based APIs!...

Swift friendly localization and i18n with in-app language switching

Laurine - Localization code generator written in Swift. Sweet!

Realtime Dynamic localization translation delivery system for iOS and Mac OSX in Swift. Create and update texts from without needing to recompile...

Simple macOS editor app to help you manage iOS and macOS app localizations by allowing you to edit all the translations side by side...

Localization/I18n: Incrementally update/translate your Strings files from .swift, .h, .m(m), .storyboard or .xib files....

Create localized App Store screenshots

Localize iOS apps in a smarter way using JSON files. Swift framework.

Localize your views directly in Interface Builder with IBLocalizable

Swift CLI for strong-typing images, colors, storyboards, fonts and localizations

Localize is a framework writed in swift to localize your projects easier improves i18n, including storyboards and strings....

A formatter for localized day periods (morning, afternoon, night, etc.)

Localization of the application with ability to change language "on the fly" and support for plural form in any language....

QA assistant for a SwiftUI app: change the color scheme, accessibility settings, and localization on the fly!...

Localize UI Components in a simple and declarative way

macOS app that manages localizations of Xcode projects.

RxLocalizer allows you to localize your apps, using RxSwift 🚀

OS font complements library. Localized font supported.

Localization helper for iOS apps mainly focusing on the LTR/RTL issue

Change language in the app. Simple approach to localize strings/images. Written in Swift.

Cleans and maintains localizable files

Changing iOS locale and language on the fly without exiting. RTL supported.

Powerful Swift string localization library with support for pluralization and string interpolation.

Localize straight from the Storyboard/XIB

In App localization in Swift, provides efficient way of localisation of application with out changing system language of phone and with out restarting the phone :)...

Localization tutorial in swift focusing on the RTL/TLR issue and changing the language without restarting...

Example project for easy XIB and Storyboard localization (check out blog post)

Vapor provider for Lingo - the Swift localization library

Elegant Style(Color,Font,Image,...) management in Swift

Swift time ago framework localized in 42 languages.

Crowdin iOS SDK delivers all new translations from Crowdin project to the application immediately

Command line tool for generating Swift localization complements.

genstrings replacement for Swift that actually works

Mac app to localize your iOS and macOS projects

A μlibrary in Swift containing all the countries with their localized name, ISO code, phone code, country code, flag image and emoji....

A lightweight and powerful editor for localizing iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS applications.

With "Rooms" mobile devices can perform indoor self-localization using an app and low-cost BLE beacons....

Validate iOS, Android, and Mac localizations. Find errors in .strings, .stringsdict, and strings.xml files....

📱Ensure your localized strings are complete and never unused 👍