Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for maps

A library to imitate the iOS 10 Maps UI.

Coronavirus tracker app for iOS & macOS with maps & charts

Easy Map Annotation Clustering 📍

Pull up controller with multiple sticky points like in iOS Maps

DrawerKit lets an UIViewController modally present another UIViewController in a manner similar to the way Apple's Maps app works....

Compare several Swift JSON mappers.

Example of 3D Integration to Visualize Train Seat Map in iOS

Map manager is a MapKit wrapper in Swift to provide route direction drawing

🎪 Rideau is a drawer UI similar to what Apple's apps use. (e.g Maps, Shortcuts) Supports multiple snap points...

Swift translation of FB Annotation Clustering, which clusters pins on the map for iOS.

WeatherMap combines weather info with map display. You can view the ongoing weather change of an entire region in one scroll! A tool designed for those of you who...

:necktie:A super fast & convenient object mapper tailored for your needs

A customizable Snapping Drawer à la Apple Maps.

 100% in SwiftUI.

Polyline encoder / decoder in swift

Utilities for combining Mapbox maps and location services with ARKit in your applications.

iPhone Maps App bottom sheet - A Protocol Oriented Approach

A SwiftUI bottom-up controller, like in the Maps app. Drag to expand or minimize.

UI Component. This is a copy swipe-panel from app: Apple Maps, Stocks. Swift version

A versatile solution for displaying pulse animations as known from Apple Maps.

Augmented reality social network, an underworld of discussion and information to every street.

Static map snapshots with overlays in Swift or Objective-C on iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS

Lat/long to timezone mapper in Java. Does not require web services or data files - just pure Java or Swift....

A GPU accelerated transition library makes use of displacement maps to create distortion effects.

Google Map to use create path on map and play vehicle on path like Uber and Ola

Traffic-aware directions and map matching in Swift on iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, and Linux

Map objects through SwiftyJSON in combination with Moya

Renders MKPolyline with a fancy multicoloured gradient fill

This repository aims for a tutorial on how to use the Google Places API in conjunction with Google Maps iOS SDK...

🍦 UberEats clone 🍜 : iOS in Swift, backend with Yelp API and Node.js. Location uses Google Map Service API. All animation and UI done programmatically...

A framework that provides CurtainController. CurtainController is a container view controller that implements a content-curtain interface. You can find a similar i...

hmap is a command line tool written in Swift to work with Clang header maps produced by Xcode.