Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for natural language processing

NSLinguisticTagger provides a uniform interface to a variety of natural language processing functionality with support for many different languages and scripts. On...

Let's create a generic template how AR(Augmented Reality) and NLP(Natural Language Processing) can be applied to Retail market to leverage the maximum benefits to...

Industrial-strength Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Swift

A playground demonstrating natural language processing in Swift.

String Search with Natural Language Processing

Swift App that searches a database and provides results from conversational user input using natural language processing....

An app for English Grammar Checking. Using Speech Recognition, Natural Language processing & Text to Speech features offered by Apple....

MIARA is an open-source iOS app that uses natural language processing to create easier instructions for recipes from the Food2Fork API...

A playground that uses Xcode 9 and the new and update API in Foundation to do natural language processing....

A sneak peek at natural language processing, its applications and quick look at some of the APIs of NLP in Swift...

A collection of code snippets to demonstrate NLP using swift

News app that processes news details using the Natural Language Processing Framework

First creation of how to implement Natural Language Processing (NLP) from voice into text

A natural language processing application that interprets microphone input and tokenizes it.

Demo of Text Search by using Natural Language Processing of CoreML

KnightHacks 2019. Discover bills and view their data at a glance using Natural Language Processing.

An app to check a news category using machine learning and trending news of a category using natural language processing...

An iOS app that uses CoreML and Natural Language Processing Framework to understand the sentiments and emotions being expressed in the tweets...

Natural Processing Language Demo

playing with natural language processing

Predict sentiment in tweets using natural language processing model

Swift Interface for Codeq Natural Language Processing API

Twitter Opinion through sentiment analysis using Natural Language Processing. CoreML2 is used for NLP....

Using Natural Language Processing. MLKit. Using Swifter (A Twitter FrameWork)

Basic iOS application to implement traffic lights using Natural Language Processing.

Sentiment Analysis Assignment 3 MS(CS) Natural Language Processing Dr. Aleem Mushtaq BUKC

Create emails to send to profs to do research using natural language processing

This project is part of IF4072 Natural Language Processing , Institut Teknologi Bandung.

Uses a natural language processing model to convert tweets into positive, neutral and negative sentiment scores....

Using CoreML and Natural Language Processing I query tweets to display a general emotion

Simple Swift Introduction to Natural Language Processing for Educational purposes

An iOS app that measures Twitter sentiment using Natural Language Processing and CoreML2.

Natural Language Processing On Ios Application Implement Viper Clean Architecture In An Ios App

This iOS App analyzes twits using natural language processing by CoreML

CreateML & Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning App Determining Twitter Sentiments

CreateML & Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The course provides an introduction to the field of natural language processing (NLP).

A iOS app powered by Natural Language Processing which fetches live data from twitter to get user views about any company based on how people reference them in the...