Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for network

Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift

Network abstraction layer written in Swift.

Event-driven network application framework for high performance protocol servers & clients, non-blocking....

a little native network debugging tool for iOS

Automaticly display Log,Crash,Network,ANR,Leak,CPU,RAM,FPS,NetFlow,Folder and etc with one line of code based on Swift. Just like God opened his eyes...

A lightweight, one line setup, iOS / OSX network debugging library! đŸĻŠ

A toolkit for Network Extension Framework

MonkeyKing helps you to post messages to Chinese Social Networks.

Sherlock Holmes of the networking layer. :male_detective:

įŽ€å•æ˜“į”¨ã€åŠŸčƒŊ丰富įš„įē¯ Swift 下čŊŊæĄ†æžļ

Potatso is an iOS client that implements Shadowsocks proxy with the leverage of NetworkExtension framework. ***This project is unmaintained, try taking a look at t...

iOS network debugging, like a wizard 🧙‍♂ī¸

:iphone::eyes: In-App iOS Debugging Tool With Enhanced Logging, Networking Info, Crash reporting And More....

Type-safe networking abstraction layer that associates request type with response type.

Easily craft fast Neural Networks on iOS! Use TensorFlow models. Metal under the hood.

RxSwift wrapper around the elegant HTTP networking in Swift Alamofire

🌐 Makes Internet connectivity detection more robust by detecting Wi-Fi networks without Internet access....

Neural Network built in Apple Playground using Swift

Easy HTTP Networking in Swift a NSURLSession wrapper with image caching support

A neural network toolkit for Metal

macOS system monitor in your menu bar

Uncover network traffic in real-time for every app on your phone

Free system monitor for OSX and macOS. See all system information at a glance in the menu bar.

🏇 A Swift HTTP / HTTPS networking library just incidentally execute on machines

A rule-based proxy app built with Network Extension for macOS

A toolbox of AI modules written in Swift: Graphs/Trees, Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks, PCA, K-Means, Genetic Algorithms...

The MobileNet neural network using Apple's new CoreML framework

Add the missing network activity indicator on notched iPhones

Controls the visibility of the network activity indicator on iOS using Alamofire.

An open-source, privacy-enhancing web browser for iOS, utilizing the Tor anonymity network

Network testing for Swift

A simple iOS Instagram photo browser written in Swift using Alamofire networking library, SwiftyJSON JSON parsing library and FastImageCache storing and retrieving...

A swift network profiler built on top of URLSession.

⚡ī¸ Elegantly connect to a REST JSON Api. URLSession + Combine + Decodable + Generics = <3

Elegant Web3js functionality in Swift. Native ABI parsing and smart contract interactions on Ethereum network....

SwiftUI sample app using Clean Architecture. Examples of working with CoreData persistence, networking, dependency injection, unit testing, and more....

Logger and network inspector for Apple platforms

Build your own 'AirTags' 🏷 today! Framework for tracking personal Bluetooth devices via Apple's massive Find My network....