Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for peripherals

iOS & OSX Bluetooth library for RxSwift

breathe is a (distraction-free) peripheral breath trainer, it helps you breathe correctly so you can stay calm and focus on what matters....

Bluetooth mapping in Swift

Blocks Based Bluetooth LE Connectivity framework for iOS/watchOS/tvOS/OSX. Quickly configure centrals & peripherals, perform read/write operations, and respond cha...

Swift framework for easy connection with Bluetooth peripherals.

Swift 3.0 Bluetooth LE Peripheral for ARM Linux device (e.g. BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi)

Bluetooth LE 4 - Central manager, Peripheral Manager - Background and Long Term Actions in the Background - Swift 3 - IOS 10...

Detect when a BLE peripheral is held directly up to a host iOS device.

Project that creates a application which acts as a BLE Peripheral.

A very simple explorer to discover Bluetooth LE peripherals, services and characteristics using Core Bluetooth in iOS...

Example projects and documentation demonstrating implementation of Infinite Peripherals iOS SDK. Specifically for the Infinea X Scanner....

A Flutter package for advertising BLE data in peripheral mode

Simple BLE peripheral search and manage tool

A macOS app that displays bluetooth peripherals

Middle-ware for controlling a bluetooth peripheral

Sample code to create peripheral BLE device using CoreBluetooth, Swift 2.1, iOS Device.

CoreBluetooth using background mode, background is even the App is in background activity the bluetooth peripheral-server central-client side are exchanging data....

It's a project for iPhone and iPad as a bluetooth peripheral, the specify service of which will be added to the last of the device's services....

Control your MSI Laptop SteelSeries peripherals on macOS!

An iOS app that demonstrates scanning for peripherals via CoreBluetooth

BLESensor is an app for that read data from peripherals with CoreBluetooth.

Demo App written in Swift for connectivity to an Infinite Peripherals mPOS device

bluetooth test app with central and peripheral

Communicate with BLE peripheral using PlaygroundBluetooth API

POC to connect BLE peripheral and listen notification

This is a fitness application like Fitbit. Instead reading data from real bluetooth device, I create a peripheral to provide random data to central...

my first Beacon app. It can be central and peripheral both.

A reactive, interface-driven central role Bluetooth LE library for iOS

Convert your iPhone into a virtual Heart Rate Monitor peripheral based on Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE)

iBeacon scanner with background mode (also closed apps) and peripheral (foreground)