Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for quality

🌈 Convert videos to high-quality GIFs on your Mac

A delicious, quality‑of‑life supplement for your app‑development toolbox.

Image size quality compression, very close to WeChat picture compression strategy

Modern color picker library written in Swift 5 that can be easily extended and customized. It aims to provide great UX and performance with stable, quality code....

An immersive, intuitive, motion-based way to explore high quality panoramas and photos on an iOS device. Panorific is implemented in Swift....

Catalyst-based HomeKit menu bar air quality monitor for macOS 11

Air Quality iOS and MacOS app, backed by PurpleAir

Mac menu bar app to track Air Quality

An iOS application enables you explore art works provided by with high quality UX.

WatchOS 3.0 Complication Tracking Air Quality of Major Chinese Cities 苹果表盘实时追踪北上广沈蓉空气污染指数

iOS compress image quality and size demo.

A static source code analysis tool to improve quality and reduce defects for Swift.

Air quality index updates on your iPhone and Apple Watch

High Quality Image ScrollView using cropped tiled images.

A Stack Exchange chatbot to catch low-quality posts.

Air quality/Weather iOS Application

A simple App showing the air quality in your city.

HLS player for iOS that supports manual selection for the quality of adaptive streams

This repository contains resources for Ensuring App Quality with Continuous Integration.

Change MacOS wallpaper with a random high quality picture from Unsplash

Drive Quality Analysis based on accelerometer readings (iOS app + Azure ML). [ Bachelor thesis ]

Unsplash client. Browse, download high quality photos.

UaRoads is a unique service for road condition monitoring. It provides safety and comfort to drivers. Project goal is to build routes through better roads with sur...

A Swift port of the xBRZ high quality image upscaling filter by Zenju

The system can notify when detection of fire, warning of fire base on temperature, monitor air quality...

Going Rogue project is a content management system designed to facilitate the business operation of any construction company. To achieve the quality standard of fa...

MacOS Today widget, pulling in live air pollution data via API (JSON)

☁️Wynd air quality index sample

This project is intentionally open-ended. We want to see you create when it’s all up to you. The project will be assessed on your code quality, UI/UX, and overall...

Miasma is an open source lightweight app for macOS & iOS that shows air quality data

This is a simple tool for the sound quality improving of wireless headphones with the sbc codec on a mac....

This class is used for compressing the video taken from iPhone camera or from camera roll. There are various circumstances where you want to send videos to the net...

Significantly reduce the file size of scanned PDF documents without noticeable loss of quality.

Framework for converting videos to high-quality GIFs.

macOS terminal utility for monitoring WiFi link quality

WILL™ SDK for ink supports a variety of input technologies and generates the highest quality, most attractive digital ink outputs via these modules: Path generatio...